Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

54 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21708 Based in Frederica, Denmark, World of Comfort is an industry leader in the supply of professional massage chairs. Selling to both businesses and the general public, the company is on amission to provide comfort and relaxation across the Nordic region. Leading Innovators in Massage Chair Technology 2021 A professional massage has many benefits. It can relieve muscle tension, promote relaxation, stimulate the lymphatic system to rid our bodies of toxins, and improve circulation. Massage is also said to be beneficial for mental health, easing symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. But although most of us are aware of the case for getting a regular massage, how many of us actually do? First, we need to take the time out of our busy schedule to find a therapist. Then we hope that they have an appointment at a convenient time. Then, of course, we still have to travel to see them. All this means that many of us don’t find the time. But what if we could access a relaxing massage at home, simply by sitting down in a comfortable chair? In 1954, Nobuo Fujimoto designed the first mechanical massage chair in Osaka, Japan. The inventor collected items such as offcuts of wood, bicycle chains and baseballs to make his first chair. Although the original chair bears hardly any resemblance to the massage chairs of today, the idea and principle remain the same: to be able to access a relaxing, therapeutic massage at the touch of a button. Danish company, World of Comfort (WOC), supplies state- of-the-art massage chairs to the Scandinavian market. The company describes its mission as being able to offer the highest quality comfort products at a competitive price. WOC’s massage chairs are designed and produced in Denmark. The team is committed to providing customers with a chair best suited to their needs and ensuring that the whole customer journey is hassle- free. The company assigns an experienced consultant to help each customer find the perfect model for them. There are many designs to choose from. From budget 2D chairs through to the latest 4D technology, WOC has it all. Some chairs feature heat therapy making the massage even more effective. Others have speakers to enable you to listen to music. There’s even a “zero-gravity” chair that runs on rails and is voice-controlled. When a customer purchases a massage chair from WOC, the team delivers, assembles and demonstrates it. This means the new owner can use it right away. WOC also provides worry- free service packages and a 2-year guarantee. The company is attentive to its customers’ needs, ensuring that the team are alert to what their clients want at every stage of the process. Administration Manager, Dianna Pontoppidan, tells us that WOC is like a big family. She loves working with like-minded people and being part of a company that is making a success out of making a positive difference in people’s lives. Looking to the future WOC are developing a 6D massage chair to provide even more features to relax and delight its clients. Contact: Dianna Pontoppidan Company: World of Comfort ApS Web: