Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 53 , The more we know and understand our bodies, the better equipped we are to look after ourselves. Portuguese digital health and genetic testing company, HeartGenetics, Genetics and BiotechnoLogy, S.A., are developingmedical devices that provide easy access to useful genetic data on a daily basis. CEO, Ana Teresa Freitas, tells us more about the company’s mission. When thinking of those countries most renowned for medical technology, Portugal may not instantly spring to mind. The reasons for this are unclear. The country reputedly has one of the best education systems in Europe and boasts a wealth of technology companies too. But finding investment can be a challenge. Consequently, international visibility is lacking. Hoping to change this in the area of healthcare and biotechnology, is HeartGenetics, Genetics and Biotechnology, S.A. HeartGenetics’ vision is to be a global market leader in the interpretation of human genetics data. From a medical perspective, our genes define us. However, although we are aware of this, most of us would not know how to use genetic information to our benefit. HeartGenetics is revolutionising how we access genetic data. The aim: to use it to promote healthy lifestyles in the most personalised way possible. Founded in 2013, the company develops solutions that provide relevant information such as drug response, body characteristics and predisposition to developing complex diseases. The solutions use polygenic risk scores and are supported by personal apps for ease of access. Jul21669 So far HeartGenetics has launched several products to the mainstream market. MyNutriGenes® is a genetic test that analyses 102 genetic variants present in 75 genes. The personalised results support healthcare professionals when prescribing diet and behavioural plans. MyNutriGenes® is an effective tool in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, hypertension and diabetes. Additionally, MyWellnessGenes®, MyVitDGenes® and MyFitnessGenes® tests give subjects unique insights into their metabolism. The solutions enable users to understand how to optimise and personalise nutrition plans, supplement intake and fitness regimes. One of the latest products launched by HeartGenetics is MyPharmaGenes® PGx. This solution obtains information on gene-drug interaction. The test centres on five therapeutic areas: psychiatry, pain management, oncology, diabetes, and cardiovascular. MyPharmaGenes® PGx assesses 88 genetic variants in 32 genes and is supported by a web-based app that helps patients and doctors to manage the prescription of medicines. The app, which can also be installed on the patient’s mobile phone, will flag medicines that have caused side effects too. All the information provided in each test report is based on the recommendations of the international pharmacogenetic consortia CPIC, DPWG and CPNDS, as well as regulatory bodies FDA, EMA, Health Canada, Swissmedic and PDMA. Machine learning methods and data analytics are the heart and mind of the company’s certified CE-IVD HEARTDECODE® system. This is a cost-effective proprietary suite of software that provides a lab management and automatic reporting system. HeartGenetics sees its biggest challenge as being the need to increase the relevance of the use of genetic data for preventative treatment. Ana Teresa tells us: “The pandemic has made us aware that we need to take care of our health. But with the sole focus placed on detecting the COVID virus, people are forgetting that other diseases exist. I predict that after COVID-19 we will see a pandemic of cardiovascular and cancer diseases. “It’s important for us all to understand that disease prevention is the responsibility of everyone,” she continues. “The team at HeartGenetics is committed to personalised preventative medicine centred around each individual. With our Digital Health Company of the Year - Portugal solutions, people feel that they know themselves better and will be able to improve their health more effectively.” The company has links to top research groups both nationally and internationally and is at the cutting edge of scientific development. With a strong focus on improving existing solutions and developing new tests, we’re sure to see HeartGenetics leading the way in personal genetics education. Contact: Ana Teresa Freitas Company: HeartGenetics, Genetics and Biotechnology, S.A. Website: