Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

64 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21780 ViyonLankaPharmaceuticals is one of the fastest-growingprivate liability companies inSri Lanka, whichmarkets pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, andnutraceuticals products.Winner of theBest PharmaceuticalMarketingCompany – Sri Lanka, Viyonhas successfully introduced a range of unique skincare products to the Sri Lankan community inassociationwith its global partners. Best Pharmaceutical Marketing Company - Sri Lanka Viyon Lanka Pharmaceuticals specializes in sourcing cutting-edge derma cosmetic products that genuinely deliver unparalleled results. Videsh Avantha Hettiarachchi, CEO and founder of Viyon, has more than 18 years of experience in the pharmaceuticals field, working with some of the best pharmaceutical companies such as: Sanofi Aventis, Tanabe Seiyaku Japan, Reckitt Benckiser UK, Dr Reddys, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Ipca Laboratories, Ind- Swift Laboratories, India. Bio Minerals Nv (Belgium), KLM Laboratories (India), Technoskin Range, ARRIANI Pharmaceuticals (Greece), Nemus Pharmaceuticals (Bangalore), to this day, continue to work alongside Videsh and Viyon through strong partnerships that the firm has built with these brands. Viyon is the sole distributor in Sri Lanka for Bio Minerals NV Belgium and its proprietary ch-OSA supplement BioSil, the world’s only advanced collagen generator. This supplement can help reactivate the collagen generation pathway in the body and generate collagen using the body’s own DNA fingerprint, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles naturally and effectively. BioSil stands out from the competition because it is the only product of its kind in the market that is capable of directly re-activating the body’s own collagen generating pathway and making it possible for collagen generation beneath the skin. After the age of 20, the dermis layer produces 1% less collagen each year, and it’s a natural ageing process. So, using this could replenish that collagen loss only if we signal the body to regenerate collagen - this is where Viyon comes in to do just that with BioSil. The brand’s overall focus is derma cosmetics and is specialized in sourcing and marketing these products to dermatologists and doctors. Viyon works closely with the country’s leading dermatologists to find out exactly what it needs to do better to treat patients, sourcing the best outcomes to give patients the best treatments. Its mission is to provide quality products and contribute to a healthier community to become the most recognized and renowned healthcare company in Sri Lanka for pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and nutraceuticals. Viyon differentiates itself from the competition with its willingness to be innovative and introduce new products that offer better healing outcomes rather than chasing after generic products that provide no actual benefit to doctors. Its USP provides cutting- edge products to dermatologists and doctors and help them achieve the best healing outcomes for their patients. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has affected the Viyon business, mainly in the front line where its medical representatives meet dermatologists and doctors regularly to create awareness of the products. Unfortunately, these doctor visits have been immensely cut down due to the risk of Covid-19. However, the uniqueness of its products has helped dramatically in the brand recall by dermatologists and doctors, which has enabled Viyon to forge ahead even amidst such a crisis. Viyon is constantly on the lookout for revolutionary products as per its mission and hopes to introduce more products that could genuinely benefit dermatologists in achieving better healing outcomes. Moving forward, Viyon welcomes partnerships with cutting-edge product manufacturers worldwide in cosmeceuticals, joining hands to help envision this goal of enabling dermatologists and doctors to always have the best healing outcomes in every aspect of dermatology. Company: Viyon Lanka Pharmaceuticals Email: [email protected] Contact: Videsh Avantha Hettiarachchi Web: