Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 73 , Oxford Antibiotic Group (OxAG) is an innovative drug discovery and development company that brings together Austrian drug development expertise with Oxford’s excellence in Chemistry and Life Sciences. Renowned as theMost Innovative Drug Discovery & Development Company, OxAG’s mission is to find solutions for unmet medical needs and make it available to humankind. Oxford Antibiotic Group (OxAG) is an innovative, privately-held pharma development company that combines Austrian development know- how with Oxford excellence in chemistry and life sciences. Its international team is discovering and developing first-in-class drugs for clinical treatments of life-threatening diseases and disorders, such as multidrug- resistant bacterial infections, pandemic viruses, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease. Over the last few years, the company has generated impressive pharmaceutical and med-tech pipeline and achieved ground- breaking development progress. OxAG’s vision as a pioneering biotech company is to be an innovative research leader and supplier for the global pharmaceutical and chemical industry. OxAG sees the generation of data in its labs as key to success. It is therefore the counterpart to virtual biotech and sees its in-house strategy as one of the company’s great strengths to guarantee a focused and fast progress of its programs. Therefore, the company keeps a fully operational research centre with high technology laboratories and innovative test platforms. One of those test platforms is the ‘logic-iotic’ platform, an innovative methodology to mimic natural products and identify candidates faster than others with a clear development underpinning scientific rationale. OxAG’s mission is to bring novel therapies to the market and do its part as a company and as researchers in solving the most significant health issues of our time. OxAG does this through its through primary project leads; the register and launch of OxfoCid as an innovative solution for disinfection in pandemic time without toxic side effects; solving antimicrobial resistance problems with TetramOX/COL, the first new antibiotic group since 2004; and giving Alzheimer and Parkinson patients a new and more effective treatment alternative with its novel candidate. NeuroMETOX. First, in the anti-infective pipeline, is OxfoCID, a worldwide patented polymeric compound in late- stage development that is highly active against bacteria, fungi and viruses with an innovative mode of action. It is harmless, safe, environmentally friendly and is without residues or other impurities. It is easy to mix and formulate, has a long-lasting effect, and is suitable for many uses (disinfection, stabilizer in products, nebulizing products, and more). It has solved necessary biocides’ fundamental problems from the past. OxfoCID is set to become the next generation disinfection blockbuster of the 21st century. Joint second within the pipeline, TetramOX and TetramCOL are in-class antibiotics developed together with Oxford University to treat life-threatening infections with multidrug-resistant bacteria. It is a patented small molecule antibiotic group with excellent potency and spectrum, a new mode of action addressing bacterial fat synthesis, good safety and toxicology and great efficacy in-vivo. Essentially, it is a potential solution for the next pandemic threat caused by resistant bacteria. In the neurological pipeline, OxAG has NeuroMETOX, an innovative therapy for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s with a new target discovered from OxAG in treating the diseases. It is a patented compound class with a new mode of action for restoring metal homeostasis. There is no in-vitro toxicity, great solubility and tissue penetration, and excellent efficacy in the golden standard in-vivo model C. elegans. It is a new milestone in Alzheimer and Parkinson therapy and offers hope for millions of patients. The pandemic has shown OxAG how dependent Europe has made itself on foreign countries over the past decades. The collapse of the transport chains directly impacted the supply security with daily laboratory goods, and work has had to be postponed because of limited material supply. As a company, Most Innovative Drug Discovery &Development Company - Europe OxAG has had to deal with issues such as warehousing and diversification of providers in the future and adapt to them. Of course, it would be wiser for Europe to bring these systemically important industries back to guarantee the supply. Consequently, within the next two years, the company plans to further develop the pharmaceutical and med-tech projects with the launch of OxfoCID 2023/24 and access to the clinical phase for TetramOX. Additionally, OxAG must strategize a shift to the next stage of development with a planned IPO in 2024. With these plans in place and success like that gained at this year’s GHP Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards, the future looks very bright indeed for OxAG. Company: Oxford Antibiotic Group Name: Dr. Alexander Pretsch Email: [email protected] Web Address: Aug21115