Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

88 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Press & Say is a Chilean startup that provides the opportunity to improve the autonomy, well being, and quality of life for individuals with complex communication needs. The company creates and develops therapeutic tools for digital health and assistive technology to control and monitor rehabilitation processes that can be used for tele-rehabilitation. Communication Disability Therapeutic Tool of the Year 2021: Press & Say It started with an Augmentative and Alternative Communication System mobile app for speech-impaired people, before evolving that app into a therapeutic tool for health professionals working with people with complex communication needs, either face to face or remotely. In order to help health professionals easily monitor patients’ KPIs via their mobile device, Press & Say then created a data model with an online platform where they and their institutions can explore patient data and statistics. Called Press & Say Analytics, it provides Power BI-like interactive visualizations of the rehabilitation data of speech-impaired patients for their speech therapists and other caregivers. Press & Say offers an accessible and innovative product that adjusts to each user. The services it provides can be used under a monthly subscription and is subject to continuous improvement based on user feedback, making the mobile app a unique product in this type of assistive technology within the emergent Digital Health market. Additionally, with its members’ vast experience, it has redesigned the way to help people with language and speech impairments. Currently, Press & Say has been working on many new functions and updates, but most important of all is that it’s updating its business model so that the patients can use the app with more functions included in the free version. However, its most significant challenge has been generating a digital cultural transformation in LATAM, specifically rehabilitation. Since the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the region is changing, and this transformation is taking place not only in rehabilitation but in every way, step by step. For Press & Say, being a digital health start-up has been a challenge and a journey because telerehabilitation was hardly used in Chile, so everyone is learning, testing, and experimenting with new technologies, along with further development possibilities. Press & Say is focused on helping health professionals and patients to acquire abilities to use new technologies. Moreover, as its app is very user-friendly, it is intended to support and facilitate this process and use digital technologies in rehabilitation/telerehabilitation. Indeed, Press & Say has been funded by the Chilean government (CORFO) through the Start-Up Chile program and INNOVO USACH, supporting and helping its technology to a cultural digital transformation in LATAM and expand internationally. Furthermore, Press & Say has recently finished a pilot with families and children from Chile’s most crucial rehabilitation institution, “Teletón”. It has reached successful results working in the telerehabilitation format. This year, Press & Say was one of the three winners of ‘Innovaton’, a contest organised by “Teletón”, where it was able to confirm that its app helps children to move forward in their rehabilitation process remotely. The company has also expanded to the neurorehabilitation field, closing deals with essential clinics. Additionally, Press & Say is launching in Europe and other countries in a few months, and for professionals that want to try its eye-tracker version with their patients with reduced mobility, Press & Say are offering a free demo. They need only get in contact with the business through email or direct messages on its social networks to be able to see for themselves the technological innovation of Press & Say that is changing lives for good. Contact: Antonio Domínguez Company: Press & Say Email: [email protected] Web Address: Aug21640