International Life Sciences Awards 2018

4 GHP / International Life Science Awards 2018 , Adan Medical Innovation was born in 2014, when, after participating in an innovation program in Silicon Valley, at Imagine Creativity Center, the firm’s founders were able to mature their ideas. The team firmly believe in the phrase ‘if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together’. With this in mind, they set out to be a different health tech company, and created a multidisciplinary team with experts in all the different areas that the project needed, including clinical, business, regulatory, hardware and software, quality control, design, and crucially, patients, to be able to bring excellence to the project. Xavier LI180003 Best Allergy-Focused Medtech Company 2018 Adan Medical Innovation is a unique Medtech company focused on the improvement of the quality of life for patients that suffer from anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction. We invited Xavier Guillemto talkus through the vital work that this dynamic, user focusedfirmundertakes. explores the achievements that the firm has made since inception and the strides it is making towards changing the lives of allergy suffers for the better. “From our humble origins, today Adan Medical Innovation is flourishing, and we are now working towards the mission to improve the quality of life of patients that suffer from severe allergic reactions requiring epinephrine by creating integrated digital solutions. We have developed two medical devices, the first of which is geared towards individual patients, which is a smart case for epinephrine auto-injectors connected to a cell phone, resolving the main limitations of these auto-injectors. Our second solution is a disruptive IoT solution, a smart box for epinephrine auto-injectors in public places like schools, restaurants, and shopping malls, in case the patient does not have one with them or it is the first time they have a reaction. “Over the years since we founded our company, our team has grown and worked very hard, always with the purpose to improve the development of our solution. The first clinical trial for a medical device evaluating its usefulness for the management of anaphylaxis has been completed in one of the largest hospitals in Europe. Currently, with the improved solution and the clinical trial completed, we are working in the last steps to bring anAPPhylaxis (the smart case) to the market, and we anticipate it will be possible by Q1 2019. We are also preparing a School Test Program to test our emergency box in several schools from Europe and U.S. before we launch it to market, and we are recruiting schools where we could perform the study. With our product, anaphylaxis at school or in public spaces will never be the same again.” Overall, having achieved such incredible success, Adan Medical Innovation is keen to carry on and build upon its current achievements to ensure that it achieves its long term goals, as Xavier concludes. “Looking ahead, alongside our initial solutions, we are now working on other solutions in the anaphylaxis market in order