International Life Sciences Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 International Life Sciences Awards 15 , Verified Clinical Trials Best for Clinical Trial Data Integrity Solutions 2020 Clinical trials are an essential part of any healthcare development, but ensuring that these trials are conducted fairly and securely can be difficult. The teambehind Verified Clinical Trials have created a revolutionary worldwide database that ensures that no one person is enrolled in two clinical trials. We take a closer look at the firm to discover how it is playing a vital role in the collection of useful data. Since 2010, Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) has offered a vital role towards those who are conducting trials in new healthcare initiatives. The team have produced a global research subject clinical trial database registry that is utilized across the United States, Europe and Asia that registers patients who are entering into a clinical trial, that is in phases 1-4. The team brings together physicians and clinical trial research professionals with over 50 years’ experience in the industry. It’s a solution for data that is designed by medical professionals for medical professionals. The VCT global registry covers most therapeutic indications, allowing for research subjects to be recorded and cross-referenced across trials. What this data confirms is that research subjects frequently will travel large distances, enrol in multiple different therapeutic indications concurrently (health condition crossovers), as well as in enrol in various studies across different phases of clinical trials. This can confuse clinical trials, as different factors and effects from different studies are combined. In short, it’s impossible to truly work out what side effects have occurred. It is estimated that as many as 10-11% or more of subjects in some studies have been identified as “violators”. This means that they were seen at the same time at multiple sites for the same or Aug20460 different studies, were enrolled in other clinical trials too frequently (going from one trial to another within days to weeks which is a common exclusionary criteria), or had exclusionary comorbid medical/psychiatric illnesses or concomitant medications. This sort of behavior has a major impact on the validity of a trial. Only through the creation of a holistic trial database can trials be made truly fair. A research subject monitoring system like VCT should be mandated by either the FDA or the pharmaceutical company sponsoring the trial to help improve research subject’s safety, reduce placebo rates, and improve the clinical trials data integrity. To become part of the VCT is an incredibly simple process. The patient signs an informed consent and pertinent identifying criteria is obtained such as the patient’s initials, date of birth, a portion of a valid ID number and an optional biometric reading of the VCT proprietary template fingerprint and/or a VCT facial recognition template. Because of the international nature of the VCT, the system is both HIPAA and GDPR compliant. This ensures compliance with local regulatory laws worldwide. The de-identified data can then be made available to both sponsors and investigators. Like the best trials, what drives VCT forward is experience that comes from specialists. The team are committed to ensuring that the highest standards are maintained at all times, not only to protect patient data, but to guarantee the fairness of clinical trials around the world. This saves significant costs and adds value to what is Contact Details: Company: Verified Clinical Trials Website: being done. The role that VCT plays is a vital one, which is sure to see the firm continue achieving new levels of success for years to come.