Mental Health Awards 2022

10 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 , Mar22080 Carolee J Horning Counseling LLC, the business of the eponymous Carloee Horning, works hard to help adults overcome the difficulties that unresolved trauma brings to everyday life. Empathic, sensitive, and understanding, Carolee has a huge range of tools in her toolkit from CBT to EMDR, and she and her therapy dog – Maizy – promise to provide a safe and encouraging space in which a client can be truly heard. Here, they can begin the journey to working through their trauma and implement actionable coping mechanisms, giving a client the chance to regain their confidence and manage the symptoms of damaged mental health. A private practice owner and clinical mental health expert, Carolee J Horning Counseling – founded by the eponymous Carolee – has been making itself a steadfast partner and friend to its clients over the years. Having been in operation since 2017, Carolee provides care and counselling for individual adult clients, most of whom are healing from profound trauma caused by PTSD, sexual abuse, grief, and other profoundly life changing events. Fundamentally, in order to provide a comprehensive, tailorable service with which she can develop an action plan that will specifically help that client, she offers everything from EMDR to CBT, as well as mindfulness and a personcentric approach. Her therapy dog, Maizy, also comes to the office with her to provide her animal therapy services. Overall, its primary focus is in helping adults heal from the traumas they have suffered, giving them a safe and empathic space to begin the process of working through the incident and its resulting impact on their lives. As an abuse survivor herself, Carolee is able to provide an understanding and non-judgemental ear with which to listen to her clients; this is a big part of why she is the trusted therapist for so many people, and she works with authenticity, wisdom, and diligence to be able to find a treatment that works for each of them. This ‘one size does not fit all’ mindset is something each of its clients come to truly appreciate. After all, a big problem with many therapy solutions is the procedural element to it, one that can result in the individual traumas suffered by each person getting lost in the bigger picture. Thus, Carolee uses her certification in EMDR and Maizy’s unconditional love and warmth to show her clients right from when they walk in that her office is a place where they can truly be heard, something that she continued over the pandemic by using telehealth options such as bilateral stimulation. A solo practitioner with a big heart and open mind, Carolee hopes to help many more clients in the future, encouraging prospective patients to get in touch as soon as they are comfortable to do so. Company: Carolee J Horning Counseling LLC Contact: Carolee Horning Website: Most Inspirational Mental Health Champion (Pacific Northwest): Carolee Horning