Mental Health Awards 2023

18 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 Having worked in mental health since 1998, Dr Emma Solomon is a passionate advocate of using her vast clinical experience and training to help everyone thrive and generate the energy for the things they love in life. Pleased to have achieved success within the Mental Health Awards 2023, we spoke to Dr Solomon about her practice as a consultant psychologist. Mental Health Psychologist of the Year 2023 (North West England): Dr Emma Solomon ver 25 years, Dr Emma Solomon has worked with every kind of mental health and behaviour problem. Along the way, she discovered that working with trauma can deliver the most significant results for people. In fact, problems with work, confidence, or relationships often have some kind of trauma at their core. People may assume that trauma can only stem from assaults or accidents, when in fact the mind can be ‘imprinted’ by smaller traumas such as rejection, criticism, fear, or embarrassment. For those struggling with their mental health, their energy and attention may be drained by ruminating on the past. Dr Solomon tells us that part of her work is helping people resolve past issues that are consuming their time, energy, and attention, and promoting their future goals, wellbeing, and confidence so they can succeed in the things that matter. Dr Solomon uses a variety of models in her work, including ‘here and now’ brain training alongside strategies that work on the past like Eye Movement Desensitisations and Reprocessing (EMDR). These powerful approaches from the field of clinical psychology and neuroplasticity move people forwards in the most transformative way. “I have a trauma-focused approach to working with most common mental health problems,” Dr Solomon tells us. “This is because, based on my clinical experience, most people have experienced some adversity in their past. Many people think of trauma as road traffic accidents, or earthquakes. Trauma impacts the mind in much more subtle ways. She states, “Everyone has a different and unique goal when they approach me for therapy. Some seek specialist psychological therapy when they realise their mood and inner world is no longer ‘friendly’, or helpful. Sometimes people have avoided dealing with their ‘stuff’ for years. This often catches up with people when they realise life still feels empty no matter how much ‘stuff’ they fill it with.” Working holistically, Dr Solomon believes that success and wellbeing are only sustainable in the context of good overall health and balance. She also acknowledges that modern life is hard, and people are pulled in many different directions. Energy and resilience are key to a sustainable life where people have enough vitality and optimism to keep moving forwards with a smile on their face. Combining her specialised work as a consultant psychologist with coaching, Dr Solomon can cater for those clients who prefer to see their forward journey as coaching rather than therapy. Indeed, she can switch between coaching and traditional therapy depending on each client’s current needs. Ultimately, Dr Solomon;s expertise with working with the mind means that she can directly focus on any areas that are not working. Often when people are busy, their choices fall out of alignment with their goals and they find it hard to shift the needle with this. Especially if additional issues like eating the wrong things or using alcohol to unwind creep in. As an expert in motivational change, Dr Solomon is perfectly placed to work this into her offering. Her work is all about helping people to have a life they want to live in. When life gets hard, many clients express that all the joy is gone from their life and that they are living for their responsibility and duty rather than in a meaningful way. As a coach, Dr Solomon is able to correct this at the same time as the psychological work. Dr Solomon and her PA pride themselves on being professional and responsive and offering a highly confidential service. You can get in touch with her via email. Company: Dr Emma Solomon Psychologist Contact: Dr Emma Solomon Email: [email protected] Website: O Feb23423