Mental Health Awards 2023

GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 which, again, is putting consumers first. They are sure to retain some of the best talent as far as clinicians and therapists in the field by ensuring their compensation rates far suprass all other agenicies across their state. SSCC believes in not only helping mental health consumers but in helping helpers as well – something you again do not see often but that founder and sole owner, Dr. Lindsay Scholz is sure to put at the forefront of her agency’s mission. The agency also provides free and low-cost services to New Jersey residents through the use of its highly trained masters-level clinical counseling, social work, and psychology students. “This allows us to literally provide services to anyone in need across our state at no cost at all.” Dr. Scholz also shared that the agency reserves spots in all of its group offerings for consumers to attend at absolutely no cost to them on a scholarship basis. Now, 2023 brings much ahead for SSCC. The launching of its new substance abuse recovery program, and various alternative groups for children, teens, adults, and even families, across New Jersey will truly revolutionize access to the much-needed skills and care that residents have been in particular need of since the pandemic. Residents in need are encouraged to reach out via the agency’s website at Contact Details Company: Supportive Space Counseling LLC. Website: Phone: 908-313-9484 Email: [email protected]