Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

GHP / Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021 19 , Established as a combination of NHS and private dental, MalvernHills Dental Care is a renowned dental practice that has recently been acknowledged as the Best Private Dental Practice inWorcestershire. WithMalvern’s highly qualified and experienced dentists, the practice is able to provide safe, aesthetic and long-termprivate dentistry throughout the Worcestershire community. Based in Worcestershire, Malvern Hills Dental Care provides exceptionally high- quality treatments with expert clinicians who can adapt and learn from the skills developed by private dentists. Thus, allowing every professional within the workplace to keep an open mind, continuously educate and keep on top of trends in the dentistry industry. Malvern ensures its practising professionals have a safe, supportive and innovative environment that allows for growth and the freedom to reach new levels of industry standards. Malvern is founded on an open- door policy that guarantees that patients are receiving the best possible care with professionals who constantly understand their duties and are continuously keeping up to date with the latest solutions in dentistry. “As we have evolved, we have Dec21239 also ensured that we can treat the majority of patients under one roof. By providing assistance to the NHS pathway, we ensure that we reduce their waiting list as the majority of patients will not require secondary care referral,” explains Dr Gurpreet Nandra, practising dentist at Malvern. Due to the combination of NHS and private practising dentists, Malvern is able to offer several services such as orthodontics, dental implants, advanced restorative dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery and facial aesthetics. In addition, because it’s regarded as a blended practice, Malvern professionals can cater to a broader scope of clients whilst still receiving referrals from local clinics within the area. As a dedicated practice, Malvern ensures it can provide advanced options of dentistry to cover the basics whilst including the addition of high-end treatments such as restorative dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, implants, and facial aesthetics. Moreover, Malvern offers education on the importance of good oral health thanks to its highly qualified hygienists and therapists, who reach out to schools and colleges to provide such information. Furthermore, these little differences – the blended practice, the involvement in the local community, educational outreach programs – are what differentiates Malvern from the standard dental practice. Its leading professionals ensure that the high-quality treatment it provides is just as important as the quality of care dedicated to patients. “Our overall mission is to provide the right care at the highest possible standard for all patients. We aim to be an elite practice in Worcestershire at which patients and referring dentists are confident they will receive the right treatment for them or their patients,” explains Dr Gurpreet. For Malvern, the main objective is to simply provide its patients with the quality care that is deserved. Currently, the health sector has been significantly affected due to the uprise of Covid-19. However, Malvern has been able to stay on top of the industry by heavily investing in air filtration systems, and its level three PPE, leaving Best Private Dental Practice - Worcestershire the practice to stay afloat during the outbreak. Dr Gurpreet explains, “Our patients felt comfortable at the practice, and we were able to continue working, be it at a restricted volume.” Due to its continuation and triumph, local dentists and the community became aware of Malvern’s efforts. Because of this, the company received more patient enquiries and dental referrals than they had previously. Towards the new year, Malvern is looking to expand with the continuation of providing high- quality dentistry six days a week. Moreover, the Malvern practice will be utilised in 2022 as a training hub for dentists looking to improve their skills within the implant sector. Malvern may be Worcestershire’s Best Private Dental Practice. Still, the company remains an open door, ready to embrace the community’s needs and give back through premium services, educational outlets and beaming smiles. Company Name: Malvern Hills Dental Care Contact Name: Gurpreet Nandra Web Address: www.malvernhillsdentalcare.co.uk Contact Email: gurpreetnandra@ malvernhillsdentalcare.org