Q1 2020

GHP / Q1 2020 15 , Innovative, Effective And Natural Products Based in the area of Piedmont, Logidex is an Italianmanufacturer of nutraceutical health supplements. Following their recent success in GHP’s Technology Awards, we caught up the Head of International Business Development, Tina Lombardi to find out more about one of the best nutraceutical health supplements manufacturers in Italy. Established in 2012, Family-run Logidex was founded by a chemist, an interventional cardiologist, and an international business lawyer. Over the years the firm has expanded rapidly and today has an extensive network of agents in Italy and other partners in the main countries of Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Going into further detail, Tina begins by telling us a little bit more about the firm and its rationale. “Italian quality, creativity and ground-breaking capacity in setting trends are known around the world, in the most different sectors, from fashion to design, food, culture, scientific research. Here at Logidex, we are proud of our country’s incredible history and traditions, which is why we want to reflect this in our products’ design, quality and inspiration. “Since our inception, our mission has been, and still is, to create high quality, and highly effective natural products aimed to improve health and wellbeing. In addition to this, we aim to ensure that they are available to our customers through a specialised and skilled distribution network.” The Italian market for innovative nutraceutical products is one of the most saturated and competitive in Europe. However, Logidex’s innovation and quality is well recognised globally. Touching on Logidex’s success, Tina is keen to highlight what it is that sets the firm aside from competitors. “As a company, we have a lean structure and therefore to ensure our competitiveness we have aimed at strengthening our relationship with trusted research and Universities centres to maximise our chances of success in developing innovative, effective and natural products. “Besides our food supplements portfolio, we also offer a range of solutions aimed to improve daily oral care and hygiene. We have developed a 100% natural mouthwash with no alcohol or chlorexidine, which has shown to be an excellent aid in maintaining healthy teeth and gums without the side effects of chlorexidine. “Despite being a relatively young company in this industry, founded in 2012, we are now well established firm which focuses our efforts in developing our international market. Alongside this, we are already registering our products in the Middle East, China and Vietnam. In addition to this, we also organised a very successful conference in Shanghai to present our products to the medical class, and discuss with local doctors how the approach to health and lifestyle is changing and affecting our habits.” Working within such a fast-paced technology industry, it is important for business to stay one step ahead of both the competition and also developments. As for how Logidex ensures they are on top of changes, the firm develops its products jointly alongside doctors and has plans for further future developments, as Tina further explains. “Each of our products are supported by prestigious partnerships with research institutes and Universities. This is because we want to ensure that all of our products are not only 100% safe, but are also effective. As an example, we are reviewing and aiming to publish in the spring the Jan20474 results of a very interesting clinical study on 120 patients on one of our products, conducted jointly with the University in Turin.” With a number of projects currently in production, the team at Logidex do have plenty of project lined up for the years to come. Bringing the interview to a close, Tina signs off by revealing one of the firm’s current projects they are working on, as well as envisioning what the future has in store for not only the firm, but also the wider industry. “Currently, we are developing the strategy to market our natural mouthwash internationally. This includes planning new international clinical studies (UK, US and India) and ensuring that the product is available at a fair price. “Looking ahead, the public’s appetite for natural healthcare solutions that are developed with a pharmaceutical approach and mindset will continue to grow in the years to come. As such, we will be focusing on developing the most effective natural products, backed by scientific evidence.” Contact Details Company: Logidex Web Address: www.logidex.it

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