GHP Q1 2021

54 GHP / Q1 2021 , Sep20882 What we look like reflects who we are as people. Over the years, it has become easier to adapt our appearances tomatch our own personal ideals. WhenNobilis Aesthetics andMedicine was named 2021 Aesthetic Surgery of the Year – Slovenia in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards, we thought we’d take a look at how theymanaged to achieve such success. Cosmetic Surgeon Secures Success Since 2007, Nobilis Aesthetics and Medicine has become a recognised name in Slovenian medicine. The team are renowned across the region for their ability to excel in the fields of facial rejuvenation, nose correction, breast correction and laser therapies. Using the latest and greatest technologies, they have been able to thrive in this rapidly growing industry. Under the guidance of Dr. Onišak, the surgery has become a home for specialism in the aesthetics industry. Their approach is one which champions the personal, with their methods matching the needs and requirements of their patients as far as possible. Through the use of thorough consultation, the team works out the most suitable procedure that will allow the client to perfect their body and be satisfied with what they look like. The success of Nobilis is due in no small part to the tireless efforts of Dr. Onišak. He has become a name recognized across the region for his skill and ability in cosmetic surgery. The public at large trust his ability to communicate, explain and perform procedures across the face and neck, but it is with aesthetic nose corrections that he has gained the most infamy. The use of the latest technology, and continual research into the future of the industry, is what has allowed him and his firm to thrive in these challenging times. The nature of the cosmetic industry means that Dr. Onisak lectures at numerous professional and scientific congresses and conferences. Here, he is able to explore what the market has to offer and receive training in new and exciting new fields. Thanks to the additional training received at international professional meetings, Dr. Onišak can offer a service that is unparalleled anywhere else in Slovenia. Since starting his practice, Dr. Onisak has performed over 1,200 aesthetic nose surgeries and 2,500 functional nose surgeries. These surgeries include operations on the nasal septum, paranasal sinuses and nasal shells, as well as a huge number of operations on the throat and tonsils in children, minor ear surgeries and a number of other head and neck surgeries. His skill comes from being able to adapt quickly to meet the needs of whatever challenge may arise during these many operations. Of course, people want to change their appearances for many different reasons. The use of laser therapy might assist with the removal of tattoos, hairs and pigmentation, while facial restauration can be achieved with the use of hyaluronic fillers and Botox. The skill of Nobilis, and why people turn to the team’s many beauty centers, is knowing how best to achieve these results on behalf of their clients. Over the years, over 21,000 patients have walked through the doors of Nobilis’ surgeries. Whether they are in Ljubljana, Maribor, Portoro and Moravske Toplice, they all received the same considered approach that demonstrates the professionalism that pervades every part of the business. For many, a big aspect of health issues is how they look. Once the payment of specialist examination is taken over by the insurance company, the team at Nobilis are able to act as an external contractor, offering procedures for five different insurers. This ensures that patients can access medical treatment in the field of dermatology, otorhinolaryngology, orthopedy and plastic surgery as part of their additional health insurance. Company: Aesthetics and Medicine Nobilis Contact: Dr. Boris Onišak Email: [email protected]