GHP Q1 2021

56 GHP / Q1 2021 , Nov20563 Hamilton Dermatology is a bespoke and progressive aesthetic care company, providing its specialist services to a loyal client base and developing a worldwide reputation. Specialist Dermatology in Georgia Hamilton Dermatology is a specialist dermatology company, working to provide medical, surgical, and cosmetic services to its clients. It operates out of a state-of-theart medical office owned by Dr Tiffani Hamilton, and is based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Tiffani K. Hamilton, M.D., graduated from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and went on to receive her Doctorate from the same university. It is proud to offer some of the most advanced cosmetic and aesthetic beauty techniques available, and its headquarters also operates as a research facility to ensure that these techniques can only improve. Due to this dedication to upgrading and improving its services, Hamilton Dermatology can provide its patients with the newest and most effective treatments for all skin types and skin conditions. Dr Hamilton has gained worldwide repute as a pioneer of exemplary injectable filler services. She regularly participates in clinical trials to continue the advancement of her industry personally and has become nationally known for the treatment of psoriasis. At present, Hamilton Dermatology is involved with 13 different clinical studies, most of which focus on the aforementioned affliction in both adults and children. It is a practice that was founded on the goals of quality care for its patients, and on the principles of keeping its operations comfortable and clean. Friendliness, productivity, education, and treatment are all pillars of this business, allowing it to develop a relationship with its customer based on trust and reliability. This has been a key pillar of its success – this alongside its continued push for advancement in its industry. On the medical side of things, it has made a staunch commitment to educating its clients on the services it offers as well as on skin conditions and skin care in the macro. Hamilton Dermatology is also a strong advocate for continued professional development within its own ranks. Its approach to serving its clients is a holistic one, seeking to address the client’s health overall rather than simply tackling a specific issue that they have picked up on. It uses a combination of available technologies as well as the impeccable education levels of its staff to offer laser and skin resurfacing as well as advanced injection techniques. In this way, it is proud to service the Alpharetta community. Despite being a small business and a single-physician office with limited appointment availability, it has garnered a lot of good will in its area for the quality of its services. Due to its limited availability, a lot of its marketing and promotions are targetted towards its existing users to offer them new and improved services over attempting to increase its client list. Hamilton Dermatology also realises the importance of an online social media presence, especially in a post-pandemic world where most communication takes place through such means. In tandem with this, it provides a monthly newsletter to its patients containing educational elements, service updates, and highlights regarding practice news in general. As well as its existing client list, it takes on referrals from other medical practices in the area. Alongside these outreach initiatives, it takes feedback from its clients very seriously, prioritizing patient experience and treatment results. Its staff are all pivotal elements that contribute towards Hamilton Dermatology’s success; from ancillary providers like physicians and aestheticians to admin and logistics, all working towards uplifting this business’s voice. Hamilton Dermatology takes great pride in its staff’s dedication and work ethic, as well as their proficiency of customer service and professionalism. When a staff position needs refilling, it relies on training, experience, and personal references to choose a suitable replacement. Its process also includes a working interview, allowing Hamilton Dermatology to see the individual in action and ascertain in person if they will fit within the business. Its staff have also been pivotal to the business’s survival of Covid-19. The pandemic put plenty of pressure on its services with mandatory shutdowns hitting its revenue streams, and the oversaturation of home-use medical devices not helping things. However, Hamilton Dermatology is determined to carry on. In 2021 it will be focusing on regrowth, powering through the negative impacts of the pandemic to continue offering the best services it can to its patients. Company: Hamilton Dermatology Contact: Lisa Calloway Website: