GHP Q1 2021

66 GHP / Q1 2021 , Sep201082 Within the sector of medical aesthetics, there is a lot of discussion as to where the field should go next. One company in this industry, theMedical Skin Clinic, has ambitions to help it continue to develop in the most constructive manner possible. A Leading Voice in an Improving Industry A medical aesthetic practice based in the UK through branches in Essex and London, this company specialises in full face restoration using non-medical procedures. For each of the procedures it offers, it has a policy of running free and honest consultations with its doctors and nurses to give the patient peace of mind, keeping in mind the goal of achieving natural results for its clients. Dedicated to ensuring the utmost rigour within everything it does; its services are all backed up by the appropriate efficacy and clinical safety procedures. It ensures that it doesn’t get caught up in trends or gimmicks. This open and sincere approach to its business, delivered by highly trained staff, has cultivated a mentality of getting everything right in every aspect of a procedure – right down to the basics. After its launch in 2016, founded by Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber Christina ParamPhillips, the Medical Skin Clinic has exclusively hired qualified medical professionals to perform its services. This is an expansive and ever-growing range. It includes dermal fillers, wrinkle injections, chemical peels, Profhilo, and more services in the realm of non-surgical face life solutions. Included in its unique perspective on its business is its focus on a warm and personalised service. Alongside its focus on the services themselves being standardised and precise, it wants to offer its patients an atmosphere of friendliness and reassurance. Its medical professionals seek to share in the customer’s ups and downs throughout their experience with the business, tailoring treatments specifically to each person’s needs for the best results. Furthermore, it prides itself on its services requiring relatively little downtime. As it looks forward to the future of both the industry and it as a company, Christina Param-Phillips told us ‘There are a few developments in the pipeline [that are] not ready to share just yet’, as the company is looking into new avenues of expansion. In terms of the industry itself, patient safety is the key element that requires focus. The Medical Skin Clinic has seen its sector grow and change much for the better in recent times, but there is a long way to go. Despite the UK’s leading status in the world of healthcare, the legislation is woefully lacking in terms of medical aesthetics. This part of the healthcare world operates with very little oversight still, something that The Medical Skin Clinic is looking forward to seeing change, and calling the current way that the industry is viewed in the eyes of the law ‘embarrassingly behind’. A consequence of this lag is that non-medical and unregulated practitioners can inject prescription only medication and dermal fillers, making the industry a potential minefield for patient neglect. Furthermore, it exposes the public to said practitioners not being able to run effective and thorough consultations. It is during this stage that a medical professional would survey a potential patient’s medical and mental state to decide whether the procedure is correct for them. If the practitioner cannot accurately exclude patients on clinical or medical history, in recognition of potential complications that might arise due to the procedure, or give appropriate corrective treatment prescriptions, then the consequences impact the industry as a whole and tarnish its reputation. Furthermore, there has been a culture of lacking clinical environmental protocols, not helped by the fact that the industry operates under a standard public liability insurance rather than a propitious medical one. There is also no regulatory government body to manage appropriate oversight. Considering all these facts, the Medical Skin Clinic seeks to push for reformation in legislation to protect its patients. Whilst pushing hard for reform, the Medical Skin Clinic looks forward to a bright future after the successful opening of its second branch. The replication of its business model working across these two branches bodes well for its future growth. It also seeks to spur this growth onwards by talking very openly with its patients regarding how best to improve its services and treatments – providing an excellent ‘show don’t tell’ mentality in its culture of transparency both internally and externally. As a final word, the company wanted to mention one employee as a driving force behind its success. ‘Our Administration Manager Susan Skolfield is a particular asset to the company. She does an exceptional job at managing the day to day running of the clinics and maintains the culture of the company perfectly. She has an open and friendly attitude towards staff and patients, and maintains excellent standards to everyone’s benefit. We wouldn’t have this award without her.’ Company: The Medical Skin Clinic Contact: Christina Param-Phillips Web: