GHP Q1 2021

70 GHP / Q1 2021 , Sep20845 Founded back in 2017, Cyca OncoSolutions is a business that strives to developmolecular devices for on-demand drug delivery and labelling living cells. As such, Cyca OncoSolutions was named theMost Innovative In Vitro & In Vivo Delivery Technology Company 2020, thanks to its work involved in biomolecular science. Healthcare and pharmaceutical care is a world that is always evolving, so we at Global Health and Pharma Now take a closer look at Cyca OncoSolutions to find out more about what it has to offer and why it earned this title last year. Delivering Drugs Through Brilliant Biomolecular Medicine Since its inception four years ago, Cyca OncoSolutions has focused all of its energies and efforts on making cancer drugs safer and better, thereby impacting almost fifteen million lives across the world. Rather than allow the plaudits to be taken across a board of individuals, Cyca OncoSolutions owes much of its success to the genius intelligence and excellence of its founder and CEO, Dr Nusrat Sanghamitra. An innovator, scientist, entrepreneur, and motivator, Dr Sanghamitra has always been wholly committed to making a tangible and real difference in people’s lives through her personal and professional endeavours. What started out as a research journey to find a better anti-cancer drug that had fewer side effects has swiftly transformed into an awardwinning business that goes above and beyond the call of duty to make people’s lives better. In the last few years, Dr Sanghamitra has been responsible for inventing CyCadds, a proprietary and patentpending molecular nanomachine that serves as a unique drug delivery system.CyCa-dds is an engineering biomolecule that can be easily conjugated with drugs, either organic or inorganic, or with other biomolecules that includes genes, nucleotides, and proteins to name but a few. This biomolecular assembly device drills through the membrane bilayer and delivers functional molecules into the cytoplasm or other cellular organelles as they are instructed to do so. CyCa OncoSolutions has translated this technology so far to be used in the development of molecular drilling machine that delivers anticancer drugs. Developing and delivering such an excellent and innovative drug delivery system has a world of potential, just waiting to be unlocked by other ingenious minds such as Dr Sanghamitra. Not only does it have the potential to reduce the side effects of well-known chemotherapeutic drugs through efficient and specifically-targeted intracellular delivery, but it will enhance and improve the quality of life of cancer patients in general. Side effects can cause patients to stop living their lives, but this form of treatment and drug delivery may change that for good. Not only will what CyCa OncoSolutions advanced the global fight against cancer, but it will give people their lives back. One of the reasons that CyCadds is such an exciting prospect within the biomolecular science and healthcare industry is the fact that the successful translation of it into a platform technology will lead to a major breakthrough in molecular drug delivery. However, this molecular drug delivery system is not restricted to being used in the healthcare and pharmaceutical world. Despite its outstanding use potential within cancer treatments, CyCa-dds can also be used in multiple other industries, such as agriculture, manufacturing, and lab reagents. Changing and improving the lives of cancer patients is a truly admirable thing to do, and Dr Sanghamitra has dedicated her professional life to inventing and innovating this new drug delivery methods for biomolecules and molecular drugs. As the global fight against cancer continues, and as other industries find new ways to utilise innovative medical technology, the work of CyCa OncoSolutions is continuing to prove worthy of all its success and the accolades it is achieving along the way. Company: CyCa OncoSolutions Contact: Nusrat Sanghamitra Website: