GHP Q1 2022

12 GHP / Q1 2022 , Oct21076 Attomarker, a business aiding the accessibility of invaluable medical information, is making life easier for clinicians, researchers, and patients all over by way of championing knowing one’s own personal immunity. Focused on tracking the immunity and antibody profile of each individual patient it comes across, it wishes to give the healthcare industry access to information that will tell themabout a specific person’s immune response capabilities when faced with the Covid-19 virus. Are they a super responder? Do they not have enough antibodies to reach core thresholds? Attomarker can take the guesswork out of this equation in order to swap ambiguity for reliable, efficient, and usable data regarding the complexities of personal immunity. Leading Innovators in Rapid Diagnostics Technology 2021 With the rate of medical innovations progressing at an exponential rate and each company within the industry contributing to the slant of the curve, Attomarker has made itself one of the frontrunners. Nominally, this company has made a name for itself with its personal antibody immunity profile services, allowing clinicians, patients, and researchers to make informed choices with precision antibody testing, and thus supporting the best decisions to be made for a specific patient depending on their specific profile. Attomarker, in short, believes that the new challenges faced by the wider medical industry require innovative answers that don’t lose sight of the individual patient by way of zooming too far out on the bigger picture; with rapid, personalised, and effective diagnosis thanks to the antibody profiles it provides, Attomarker makes earlier and more reliable diagnosis possible. This is invaluable in a world still grappling with the tumult of the pandemic, as the strain on the healthcare industry is certainly showing no signs of slowing. In addition – making it a unique business from several perspectives – it hopes to make this high-quality diagnosis available in a mass market sense, reaching beyond the laboratory to clinics, pharmacies, and even the homes of patients so that everyone has the power to regain control over their own health. Currently administered by its trained medical practitioners in its UK Clinics in London, Chichester, and Exeter, it has most recently made itself available in the cities of Bath and Bristol too, measuring antibodies to Spike, Omicron Spike, RBD, N, and the CRP test. Additionally, it is also currently testing in the Cayman Isles, available through Integra and further promoting its goals of establishing worldwide personal immunity recognition. To Attomarker, nothing is more important than continued education and development, making itself open to improvements and adaptations that can be incorporated into itself as the world changes around it, whilst not shifting from its core goal. Every person’s core immune response to Covid-19 is totally unique and something that has become increasingly more difficult to plan for, whether this is measuring responses to the vaccine or measuring responses to contracting the full-scale viral infection. Some patients it has tested have not developed antibodies beyond key thresholds, whereas others are superresponders with long-lasting antibodies. Whatever the case for each patient, this information is invaluable to healthcare professionals everywhere, and thus Attomarker will continue to improve and distribute its testing solution in order to increase their ability to access it. Company: Attomarker Contact: Ben Farrar Website: