GHP Q1 2022

30 GHP / Q1 2022 , Dec21673 Established in 1994, Cowellmedi was the first to develop and localise dental implants in South Korea. Since then, it has become a leader within the biomedical industry with its rhBMP-2 fusion technology. We take a closer look at how the company is attracting the attention of the global dental community with its innovations, which are FDA-approved and CE-certified in over 60 countries around the world. Best Dental Implants Development Company - Asia It was 26 years ago that Soohong Kim D.D.D. PhD successfully developed localisation of dental implants for the first time in Korea, and as a result founded Cowellmedi. This was at a time that foreign implant brands were dominant and only the wealthy could afford these treatments. Soohong had the dream of providing better implants at more affordable prices to patients who need them, so he decided to close his own dental clinic and went to graduate school. He poured all of the money he’d earned from his clinic into developing implants, working day and night with engineering professors and researchers to complete CAD drawings, successfully developing Korea’s first dental implant in 1994. In 1998, Soohong founded Asrahi Medical, which was converted into a corporation in 2000, named Cowellmedi after ‘co-well’, meaning a medical device company where everyone is happy. Since its establishment, the company has acquired numerous domestic and international patients and certifications, and has been manufacturing various products such as dental implants, surgical kits, dental bone graft materials, and non-resorbable shielding membranes. In recognition of the groundbreaking development which was the first dental implant in Korea, Soohong won the Medal of Industrial Service Merit in 2004, which was awarded directly by the president at the time. This achievement spurred Soohong’s research and development with regards to E.rhBMP-2, which would be used to create a bone graft material product launched in 2010. Following this, Cowellmedi released INNO in 2012, an implant system which evenly distributes roughness, obtaining strong geometric inter-locking. Alongside its cutting-edge products, Cowellmedi holds the CIC (Cowell International Conference) annually which provides intensive handson training, as well as hosts lectures with many dentists around the world. It is also constantly participating in domestic exhibitions such as SIDEX and BDEX. Ultimately, it’s easy to see that Soohong Kim and Cowellmedi are highly respected within the biomedical industry. Soohong has always thrived on facing challenges and helping people, and he only intends to continue this way, pushing his company to relentlessly research and create the greatest and finest quality innovations that do just that: help people, while also hugely influencing the industry. He believes that the growth potential of the dental implant and medical device industries is truly limitless. Company: Cowellmedi Co Ltd Email: [email protected] Website: