GHP Q1 2022

4 GHP / Q1 2022 NEWS , Known Nutrition has welcomed Suzy Glaskie, health coach and founder of Peppermint Wellness, as Head of Wellness. Headquartered in Cheshire, Known’s mission is to make health and beauty supplements that combine high efficacy with great taste. The company has recently launched a cutting-edge collagen supplement that combines scientifically proven ingredients in an all-natural formulation. 51-year-old Suzy, a functional medicine health coach, initially started taking a powdered collagen supplement for her bone health. She explains: “A DEXA scan in my 30s had shown that the bone density in my hips was already at risk. Around 5 years ago, I was advised to start taking a collagen supplement to support my bone health. I’ve stuck with it ever since, even though it tasted vile, and was delighted to see an improvement in my bone density when I was retested in 2021.” Last year, she switched to Known’s Advanced Collagen Supplement – a berry-flavoured syrup that combines liposomal technology with a host of natural anti-ageing ingredients. It has a 98% absorption rate, compared with rates as low as 15% in other collagen supplements. Suzy was so impressed with the product that she’s now joined forces with the team at Known, with the aim of helping women of all ages to feel and look their best. She said: “I’m excited to be joining Known and to be partnering with a brand that genuinely cares about the wellbeing of its customers. Known Nutrition Welcomes Head of Wellness Having experienced the benefits of collagen for myself, I’m looking forward to raising awareness of its crucial role – not only for how our skin looks, but for our overall health. That’s particularly crucial as women enter the menopause, when reserves of collagen plummet dramatically.” Amy Nicholson, Head of Brand at Known, said: “As a company, we stand for authenticity and our aim is to create real change in people’s wellbeing. Suzy is known for making wellness simple, real and accessible. She has vast experience of empowering people to take back their health through simple lifestyle tweaks and we’re delighted to have her expertise and passion on board to inspire change.” Through her Altrincham-based practice, Peppermint Wellness, Suzy works with individuals and companies across the UK to help people to regain their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. She also hosts the Wellness Unwrapped podcast, which cuts through all the confusion around wellness and which has a loyal following of listeners around the world. Known has teamed up with HTC health, Europe’s leading health supplement supplier, to develop their range of effective, yet tasty formulations. Their team – whose expertise combines over 40 years’ pharmaceutical and nutraceutical experience along with a worldleading manufacturer – have spent the last two years developing their best-in-class liposomal formulation, which is free from preservatives, GMO and artificial colours and flavours.