GHP Q2 2021

GHP / Q2 2021 31 Out of the Ashes! it’s important that all of our therapists receive treatments often as well so that they can share their own experience of receiving treatment on a regular basis.” During the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, massage therapy was obviously one of the most difficult services to try to offer due to its hands-on nature, and it took innovative measures from the team at Phoenix Health and Wellbeing to continue to engage with clients from afar. “Our Yoga instructors offered online classes, and our therapists offered online sessions with our clients that would allow us to assess their needs, and offer advice, techniques and self-care strategies so that they could remain on top of their physical health while we were unable to see them at the clinic,” states Sally. “As a team, we discussed how the long-term impact of physical contact may cause issues within our clinic even after re-opening, which is why as a team we agreed the introduction of the floatation tank would be an amazing idea, as it is a “hands- off” therapy which treats both physical and mental health.” With regards to the future, Sally says it is very much business as usual, with new introductions in place to expand the clinic’s services. “Our therapists have all spent their downtime focusing on their professional development so that we can bring the best therapies to our clients and community. We are also working with local mental health charities to offer reduced rate, and in some instances free, services to clients they feel could benefit from the work that we do.” As a result, more than a decade since its inception and with its history of resilience and innovation behind it, Phoenix Health and Wellness continues to move onwards and upwards, evolving as an organisation to deliver the best in care for tangible results for clients, inside and out. Contact: Sally Chamness Company: Phoenix Health and Wellness Web Address: