GHP Q2 2022

32 GHP Q2 2022 TRESTLECompliancecultivatesabusinessfriendly approach to compliance. Based in the Boston biotech hub, TRESTLE is a highly specialised consulting firm offering the full spectrum of compliance, risk, and regulatory services. Its multi-disciplined teamof professionals each boast 20+ years’ expertise,andspecialise increatingcustom, properly scaled compliance solutions with precision, speed, and unmatched value. Steve Vincze is a global compliance expert and the founder, president and CEO of TRESTLE Compliance, providing risk assessments, compliance programmes, and privacy/data security software and consulting services for biotech, pharmaceutical and medtech innovators. With 25+ years of deep experience in the life science compliance and corporate sector, from government policy and enforcement to private sector business implementation considerations, Steve offers a truly unique mix of perspectives and expertise. Steve and his team create actionable plans supported by the knowledge of the art and science of compliance. They map out how to time and integrate all the moving parts of a compliance initiative into the client’s commercial operation, with an engaging, positive approach which helps connect the dots and embrace key compliance principles. Steve is also happy to share details about recent successes with the client’s audience, having completed over 150 speaking engagements, and enjoying educating and offering perspective into ethics and compliance. Notably, Steve has been a keynote speaker, panellist, moderator, and presenter on multiple occasions at compliance events over the past 20+ years including Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Compliance Congress in Washington, D.C.; International Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Ethics & Compliance Congress across Europe; Pharmaceutical Commercial Compliance Congresses (PCC) in Washington, D.C.; Specialty Pharma Compliance Congresses, in Cambridge, MA; HIPAA, Privacy and Data Security Congresses/ Meetings in Washington, D.C.; and Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) and Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) Annual Meetings across the U.S. Not only does the TRESTLE teampride itself on extensive life science industry knowledge, but cutting-edge technology to bring clients protection, automation, and technical expertise. This includes privacy and data security, software and technical support, commercial sales team apps, FMV analysis and transparency reporting, compliance programme back-office management, reports and analytics. As the TRESTLE Team likes to say, “We deliver the best thought-ware and software to our clients to maximize their growth and minimize their commercial compliance risks!” In terms of commercial/operations support, the team’s international life science compliance experience includes Anti-Bribery and AntiCorruption (ABAC), FCPA, and thirdparty due diligence in the US, EU, Japan, and LatAM. Their experience includes redesigning global compliance programme structures for pharmaceutical companies worldwide and effectively integrating culture and compliance. Meanwhile, the team’s senior-level regulatory, investigative, and government experience means they understand how the government thinks and the information they review. TRESTLE’s life sciences consultants offer invaluable guidance on satisfying their requirements. This covers investigative support and consulting; healthcare fraud investigations; OIG/HHS self-disclosures; CIA prevention, mitigation, and implementation; IRO, DPA, and consent decree preparation advisory services; and Compliance Expert and IRO services. Investor support is another service provided by TRESTLE, including merger and acquisition due diligence, valuation, remediation, and joint venture and strategic alliance transactions. The team understands the rigors, timing, speed, and valuation implications of an effective compliance programme due diligence review, whether for a buyer or a seller or for a public or private transaction. Finally, litigation support can be provided. While TRESTLE isn’t a law firm, its team includes licensed attorneys from top law schools with decades of legal and regulatory expertise. They understand the language and intent of the law and collaborate seamlessly with inhouse and outside counsel to further effective compliance processes. Indeed, TRESTLE is truly an asset to any client it works with; clients can’t say enough positive things about their experience with the company, such as James Harrison, Executive Chairman, Cycle Group Holdings Ltd., Cycle Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., “We at Cycle Pharmaceuticals have been very fortunate to have Steve Vincze as our US Chief Compliance Officer & Privacy Officer during the past 2 years (2019-2021). I know I am extremely grateful. Steve Vincze and his exceptional team at TRESTLE Compliance made sure that we reduced risk from compliance and privacy issues as far as possible during a period of business growth where usually risks increase. If you are looking to grow your company and have your compliance program be a force multiplier to reduce risk, boost confidence and deliver results, i.e., to “Win with Compliance” then TRESTLE Compliance and Steve Vincze are the best commercial compliance/ privacy team to make that happen for you, Company: TRESTLE Compliance LLC Contact: Steve Vincze Email: [email protected] Website: Best Life Science Commercial Business Compliance Firm - USA Jan22527