GHP Q2 2022

52 GHP Q2 2022 The world of work has changed significantly over the last few years, with employees looking for benefits that go beyond an increase in salary. With the UK’s NHS under pressure, health insurance is increasingly popular, but also remains prohibitively expensive for many. The team at Medicash have an alternative that promises the best of both worlds. In 2022’s Global Excellence Awards, they earned the title of 2022’s Leading Healthcare Cash Plan Provider - the UK. We take a closer look to discover more. Health Comes First eople spend an enormous amount of time in the workplace, and it makes sense that they want to feel like they are making a difference on a deeper level. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic still fresh in peoples’ minds, salary has dropped down the priority list for many. Jobseekers are searching for positions with a workplace culture that works for them, offering work-life balance, flexibility, and benefits schemes. The results of this shift have made an enormous difference to those which have embraced the change, with these companies gaining a more loyal workforce and being more profitable as a result. But what specifically do people want? As we emerge from the shadow of a pandemic, health is the priority for many. With pressures on the NHS continually building, private solutions have risen to the fore. Whilst these offer a swifter response time, they come at a significant cost. The move towards health cash plans from companies such as Medicash is little surprise, therefore. This form of healthcare covers the costs of everyday health services such as optical and dental treatments, physiotherapy appointments and health screenings at a fraction of the cost of private healthcare. Supporting over 400,000 policyholders at present, Medicash has made a name for itself as a practical, but personal approach to the issue of healthcare within the workplace. Their plans start at 95p per week, per employee, with the option of tailoring their offering to suit the specific needs of the individual business. The low costs involved in this way of working, whilst ensuring the high standards associated with private healthcare have gone a long way to ensuring the team’s success. Alongside the lowered costs of working with Medicash comes a host of new services, designed to take advantage of what is on offer in the digital marketplace. The team provides policyholders with access to a Virtual GP, a skin cancer screening app and digital physiotherapy through the My Medicash app. Employers who turn to this talented team allow their employees instant access to this astonishing range of options, all of which have had a recognisable impact on reducing absences through preventative care and support. Instead of allowing a crisis to arise, this proactive attitude goes a long way to supporting those who need it most. Those companies that turn to Medicash aren’t simply providing a healthcare solution. They’re investing in the wellbeing of their employees and the success of their business. These plans are specifically designed to ensure that staff feel supported and safe, having access to the services they need in order to increase productivity. 2021 saw an enormous increase in demand for the team’s services, which has continued into 2022. Over 85,000 policies have been written so far this year alone. Those who are looking for new jobs are exploring what benefits can be found across the market. A health cash plan is now the bare minimum for many. When it comes to demonstrating that you care about your team’s wellbeing, actions speak louder than words. The work undertaken by the team at Medicash empowers employers to offer truly great benefits to their teams, transforming the way in which they work. Company: Medicash P Mar22537