GHP Q2 2022

54 tailored approach to customer service, utilising its abundance of knowledge to provide the best solution to sponsors, contract research organisations, and research sites. Greenphire’s role in each of these institutions varies greatly – within contract research organisations, Greenphire services the core business functions, helping them to ensure that their trials run smoothly. Whereas, for sponsors, Greenphire provides technology solutions that can be used across the globe to automate their clinical trial study start up and conduct. In turn, sponsors see an increase in visibility, predictability, and compliance. Behind these operations and premier services stands a strong team. The uniquely excellent company culture has spawned a hotbed for ideas and has been recognised by numerous organisations as an excellent place to work. This is largely because Greenphire seeks out new talents that do not just meet the qualifications but seeks out candidates that are driven by a passion for its ethos and mission and align with its culture. Therefore, it has built a workforce that embodies customer service, passion, and kindness, and, ultimately, serves as the driving force behind the company. Greenphire invests back into its employees in ways that manifest a true passion for the company’s work – as a result, Greenphire is growing rapidly. However, like many others, the company’s success has been accompanied by a plethora of challenges. Perhaps the most recent example would be the Covid-19 pandemic, which impacted international travel, as well as ongoing and new geo-political factors. It is with this in mind that Greenphire has adapted its ConneX solution’s travel services to remain reliable for both client and site usage. This has meant maintaining flexibility and adaptability, such as providing and executing complicated itineraries across borders, in local languages, and using reputable providers. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic had a largely negative impact, the industry on a whole has been encouraged – and somewhat forced – to adapt technology at a faster pace, resulting in a willingness to adopt cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of that specific moment. Greenphire takes pride in its ability to provide relief to its clients when they most needed up-to-date technology. Through contactless payment options, transportation options, and leading technologies, Greenphire has enabled its clients to keep their customers safe and involved in life-saving, breakthrough trials. This will be something that Greenphire continues throughout 2022. Moreover, the company will be introducing a range of new plans, including a range of product enhancements that will bolster the efficacy of its solutions. Greenphire hopes to expand its clientfocussed events, training offerings, client feedback opportunities, and overall value for our clients. Currently, the company is in the process of designing new ways to adapt its technologies and increase its attention on interoperability, with the overall aim being to improve the user experience. Contact: Sur Vestri Company: Greenphire Web Address: Greenphire has been leading the market for over a decade, rising to the status of LeadingClinical Payment &Communication SolutionsProvider,2022–Global.Companies across the globe rely upon Greenphire to strengthen and simplify payment and communications for their clinical trials, utilising Greenphire’s technology to cultivate an entirely streamlined process. In essence, Greenphire has made an impact on some of the world’s most important scientific breakthroughs. For the past 14 years, clinical trials across the planet have been advanced by Greenphire’s innovations. Its premium solutions have optimised clinical trial performances by simplifying payment and logistical workflows from sponsors and CROs to sites and patients. By automating the payment and reimbursement processes, Greenphire offers better performance and better data, resulting in more efficient trials. As such, Greenphire has arranged hundreds of thousands of travel itineraries for trial participants internationally, executed millions of payments, and has moved billions of dollars to respective clinical trial payees across every continent. Henceforth, Greenphire has become the first choice for industry leaders around the world, including nine of the top ten global pharma companies. As the only service provider in the industry that focuses upon optimising financial processes in clinical trials, Greenphire holds a unique position in the market that allows its clients to be patientcentric and site-preferred. Further, each of Greenphire’s solutions have been crafted to resolve pain points throughout the clinical trial lifecycle. For example, EnvisiX provides a combination of SaaSbased workflow technology with themost up-to-date fair market value data. Used at the beginning of a clinical trial, the implementation of EnvisiX ensures that budget build and negotiation, management, execution, and tracking of global investigator site payments can all be carried out seamlessly. The efficacy of its solutions ties in to Greenphire’s four fundamental values. Indeed, Greenphire strives to provide a wholly clientcentric service, pushing to exceed client expectations. Going all in guarantees not only an exceptional experience for Greenphire’s customers, but also cultivates a quality working environment. In addition, as a team, Greenphire operates as an extension of its clients, working collaboratively to get the job done. Through working creatively, the company creates solutions that solve problems in order to fulfil a purpose. Consequently, Greenphire has established a system that greatly benefits its clients, who remain the company’s priority. It takes a A Small Way to Make a Large Impact Mar22266 Subscribe to GHP Sub cribe h re