GHP Q2 2022

68 GHP Q2 2022 Glooko’s mission is to enhance the lives of people with chronic conditions by connecting them with their caregivers and equipping both with the tools needed to achieve positive health outcomes. Here we learn more as we celebrate Glooko’s success in winning Most Innovative Remote Diabetic Patient Monitoring Solutions Provider, 2022 – California. Invaluable Technology for Great Health, On the Go looko was established in 2010 with the mission to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Glooko supports people with chronic conditions by uniting them with their caregivers to ensure that they can benefit from the correct tools needed to promote better health. The connected care company’s founders conceived the idea behind Glooko because each of them had been personally touched by diabetes in a significant way. Fast forward to today, Glooko continues to transform digital health by connecting people with their health care providers. With software platforms and mobile apps that encourage the easy management of diabetes and other related chronic conditions, Glooko makes it easier for conditions to be monitored and handled. The collected data from Glooko allows for easy insights and analysis from blood-glucose meters, CGMs, insulin pumps, connected insulin pens, blood pressure cuffs, nutrition apps, connected scales, and activity trackers. All of this means a network of tracked information that benefits the individual and their caregivers when trying to understand how they can help. More than 3 million users have found this incredibly useful. And by using Glooko’s solutions, they have found an enriched way of living. Utilised in more than 30 countries, across more than 20 different languages, Glooko’s platforms have become a global attraction for people wishing to understand their conditions and improve their overall health – for the foreseeable future. Individuals can monitor their conditions for 24/7 insights and care and, by viewing the data and analysis, they can effectively manage their conditions alongside help from their team of caregivers. By entering diabetes and diet data into the Glooko app, patients can remotely monitor and track their condition, understand how their glucose levels are being affected and determine what they can do to correct and balance them. With over 500,000 food items stored in the app’s database, it is easy to input meals to analyse how they are affecting glucose levels. The app is also compatible with Fitbit and Strava, which makes it easier to track healthy life habits. Not only can data be entered into the app, but patients can learn from it. With educational resources and best practices around the subject of diabetes, everyone can learn a lot about the ongoing condition, making it easier for each patient and their caregivers, friends and family to better understand diabetes. As a trusted global leader within the healthcare sphere, Glooko has become one to watch for its inventions and intelligently led resolutions. It is obvious that Glooko is going to continue on its path of success as it wins Most Innovative Remote Diabetic Patient Monitoring Solutions Provider, 2022 – California. Contact: [email protected] Company: Glooko Web Address: G May22066