GHP Q4 2021

GHP / Q4 2021 19 , Oct21428 Hoping to promote cultural awareness and sustainability through a variety of means, Esai en Roi, and has gone on to delve intomultiple sectors. From the arts to sports and fitness, Esai en Roi provides a variety of services, namely supporting young people, to develop talents. Winners of Best Cultural Art & Sport HolisticWellness Enterprise – Greece, Esai en Roi aims to continue developing services for its community. Best Cultural Art & Sport Holistic Wellness Enterprise - Greece Informally established in 1997, Esai en Roi was officially formed in April 1999. A sports and arts organization, the company is involved in multiple areas, including research, education, and innovation. Furthermore, Esai en Roi focuses on the cultural, quality of life, and sustainability sectors, ultimately aiming to provide support to talented young individuals. Endorsing the idea of being active for health purposes, it also aims to introduce green ideas and cultural awareness via sport and fitness. From providing awards to supporting youth activism, Esai en Roi dabbles in a variety of fields. Since 2004, it has been working through its Mouson Kainopragia programme, which concerns young artist nights, career counselling, and training that focuses on hygiene, fitness, and nutrition. In addition, in 2015 Esai en Roi began its emphasis on sports and fitness, offering its members a multitude of outdoor fitness activities. Within the context of orienteering, Esai en Roi aims to promote cycling, diving, horse riding, and climbing, all the while introducing people to the cultural and ecological features of the environment. The company also provides both level one and two Youth Worker Training, which is free for Esai en Roi members. Esai en Roi’s close-knit team work together to support youth involved in both the performing and fine arts. The staff work towards the overarching goal of encouraging lifelong learning and strive to integrate a variety of activities into its mission. Through providing workshops and attending schools, Esai en Roi’s team present its accredited programmes to a wider audience, targeting the young talents it’s hoping to mentor. The Covid-19 pandemic impacted businesses around the world. From the hospitality sector to retail, businesses were forced to adapt or even close their doors. Esai en Roi was impacted across multiple branches, eventually finding that it would have to change the way it operates. Unable to conduct as many face-to-face services, its career counselling and outdoor activities were forced to come to a temporary halt. Indeed, Esai en Roi determined that digital events do not compare to live events, and ultimately chose to cancel around half of its planned events. Esai en Roi has, however, bounced back post-lockdown and has created a plethora of future plans that it is hoping to put into action. Already, the company is working with field mapping experts to create a new adventurous outdoor activity, with a focus on keeping fitness a priority. Additionally, Esai en Roi is involving itself with a European Solidarity Corps project entitled Young Active Citizens support Ecological Actions. Furthering its work within the community, it also hopes to develop services for the local area which will introduce the exploration of cultural and ecological treasures, taking a similar approach to its Karatasou park project. Contact: Eleni Kavazidou Company: Esai en Roi Web Address: