Social Care Awards 2023

9 GHP Social Care Awards 2023 Develco Products develops, produces, and markets wireless products that provide companies with IoT (Internet of things) solutions for its end-users. We take a closer look at the company to find out more after recently been recognised in the Social Care Awards 2023. Living independently and freely is something all humans long for, but there are people that, because of age or disabilities, need extra care and support. The development of new technology has opened new doors that can enable this group of people to get their chance of enjoying some alone time while staying safe. Develco Products is a B2B company that develops, produces, and markets numerous white label products that provide companies with IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for its end-users. Its area of expertise is wireless communication and since 2007, it has been supplying a range of wireless technology to organisations in the fields of care, energy management, and security. It works with organisations of different sizes from new to larger companies in Europe, North America, and Australia, which offer care solutions for domiciliary care/private homes, care facilities, hospitals, and more. Develco Products provide companies with its products, and they then provide their own first or second line support to the users. IoT solutions can be implemented in the homes of seniors or vulnerable adults to discretely monitor, track, and analyse their activities, falls, and underlying illness emergencies so they are detected and prevented before they happen. This enables them to enjoy their alone time while their families and carers can rest assured that they are safe or know when to assist if anything was to happen. The devices and data must be protected when using technology in care, therefore all of the devices that Develco Products develops have a strict security standard to ensure that the users’ information is protected at all times. To provide its customers with the latest technology, Develco Products is always evolving and improving as market trends and requirements change. Currently, the market in the UK has begun to transition from an old analogue telephone network into digital lines, with the aim of being completely digital by 2025. Due to this, it has developed a new product which consists of a digital audio system that supports the switchover in a cost-effective way. The team at Develco Products works closely together to drive the company’s success, with the CEO and founders regularly communicating with employees to keep them up to date with essential news and updates. The company’s mission is reflected through its ongoing efforts to design and develop IoT solutions, so companies can support those with disabilities as well as seniors by giving them a chance to live comfortably and worry-free. The use of this technology is life-changing for their family and carers, too, which enables them to be present without having to physically be there, and it provides peace of mind as the technology will warn them before any accident can take place. In recognition of this outstanding technology offered by Develco Products, it has been named Best IoT Home Care Solutions Provider - Northern Europe. We look forward to seeing it develop with the times and continue to ensure the safety of the vulnerable people in our society. Company: Develco Products Web Address: Best IoT Home Care Solutions Provider - Northern Europe Jan23445 “Our mission is to make a difference and we do this together.”