Technology Awards 2019

GHP / Technology Awards 2019 15 , Best 3D-Printed Healthcare Products Manufacturer - Middle East As technology continues to grow and develop in sophistication, finding factories of the future is a top priority for every industry, including healthcare. Able to take advantage of the latest innovations in 3D scanning, design, and printing, Sinterex combines state-of-the-art tech- nology with the finest inmedical practice. We decided to take a closer look in the light of its award-winning success. Healthcare is an entirely personal matter, with no solution fitting two people. Finding a solution that is truly bespoke is currently a major challenge, but the rise in the use of 3D printing technology has changed the economics of personalisation, and is now set to transform the medical industry. Bridging the gap between medical professionals and 3D engineers, Sinterex provides an essential missing ingredient, of productising the process of 3D printing. For most medical professionals, the idea of purchasing and learning how best to use complex 3D creation software is out of the question. This is why Sinterex offer this service independently, taking on the difficulties themselves. The Dubai-based business empowers professionals in every area of the industry, ranging from dental laboratories and clinics to hospitals. In the last three years, this start-up has managed to build an international customer footprint, producing custom medical products for thousands of patients. Many things set Sinterex apart from the norm, with an innovative online portal allowing the team behind this business to work interactively with customers to propose and review plans. With such cutting-edge technology, this conversation ensures that the best result can be gained from a total understanding of what is available. The ability to work closely with medical professionals to create the product required is a huge factor in Sinterex’s success. Being based in Dubai is a similarly exciting prospect, especially as the city pushes to become a Medical Tourism destination, drawing on patients from Africa and Asia. Perfectly positioned to provide an amazing logistical advantage, Sinterex is not only able to ship to South Africa on a next day basis but is also able to provide medical professionals in Dubai with local access to its facilities. One example of the team’s work is in producing pre-operative anatomical models within 24 hours, allowing clients to rehearse ahead of surgery. This not only maximises the chance of success but minimises the time patients spend in the country. Moving forward, it’s little wonder that the business must continue to expand rapidly to match demand. Sinterex is currently growing at a rate of 100% year on year, and managing this growth is always a challenge. While currently in the process of upgrading facilities and increasing the team, this actually brings one of the difficulties of operating in Dubai to the forefront. As an import market, employees are often brought on with only online interviewing techniques, with the key aim being attitude over aptitude. As time goes on, Sinterex aims to push more sales, as well as productising some concepts it has recently been working on. With an increasing focus and growing demand, the company is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the market. This has been enabled through technologies such as digital patient impact planning software, as well as the 3D printing from which the firm has made its success. Increasingly, these technologies are being used to create solutions that are tailored solutions in areas that were previously generic. Replacement knees, hips and jaws are now digitally planned and individually fabricated ahead of surgery, and this might soon begin to expand to include customised medicines and individualised tablets. Sinterex finds itself on the cutting-edge of the marketplace, Nov19435 keenly positioned to provide a service that can only enhance the work of medical professionals. In specialising in this area of operation, the burden of research and creation has been lifted from medical professionals, allowing both parties to do their job to the best of their ability. In recent months, Sinterex have collaborated with medical experts from Dubai Health Authority’s Innovation Centre to bring 3D printing to the point of care at DHA for hospitals - Rashid, Latifa, Dubai and Hatta Hospital. The newly opened 3D Printing lab provides medical professionals at DHA with patient-specific anatomical models, which allows them to conduct detailed pre-operative analysis, as well as improving patient communication. Pushing at the boundaries of innovation, it’s companies like Sinterex that have allowed healthcare to take the next big step in medical technology. Company: Sinterex Contact: Julian Callanan Web Address: