Technology Awards 2019

GHP / Technology Awards 2019 21 , Best Custom Antibody Development Specialists - India The global customantibodymarket has expanded rapidly in recent years. Meeting the need for antibody development in India is Bioklone Biotech Private Limited. The company’s recog- nition as “Best CustomAntibody Development Specialists - India” in Global Health and Phar- ma’s Technology Awards 2019 is amilestone achievement for the company. We profile them to find out more about the secrets behind their success. Since its inception in 2006, the vision of Bioklone has been to be one of the top antibody companies in the world. Based out of India, the business has been able to grow alongside a rapidly expanding market due to the increase in research activities in the life sciences industry, growing industry- academia collaborations, growing investments in structure-based drug designs and expanding antibody therapeutics pipeline. Bioklone has over 300 clients across various sectors including academia, R&D divisions of hospitals, and diagnostic and pharma companies in India and abroad. The company has successfully developed custom antibodies to over 1000 antigens including proteins, peptides, polysaccharides, drugs, small molecules and whole cells. Among the several challenging antibodies developed by Bioklone, are the highly specific antibodies to amino acid modifications including acetylation, methylation and phosphorylation. As a contract research organization, Bioklone offers a variety of end-to-end services, including peptide designing, gene cloning, expression and purification of recombinant proteins, development of antibodies in rabbits, mice and chicken, antibody purification, labelling and fragmentation, development of recombinant antibodies, antibody based assays and diagnostic kits and in vitro cytotoxicity/cell viability assays using cell-lines. Having carved its niche in the custom antibody market, Bioklone is now foraying into the development of human and humanized antibodies. Founder and Managing Director, Dr. K. Rajeshwari has over 28 years of experience in the development of antibodies and assays. Though straightforward, the development of antibodies is a capital, time, skill and labour-intensive process. Having worked with several scientists before the inception of Bioklone, Dr. Rajeshwari has an in-depth understanding of the actual needs of the antibody users, as well as the struggles and challenges of the end users when the antibodies do not show desired results in their application. Leveraging this knowledge, to ensure success of the antibodies developed at Bioklone, Dr. Rajeshwari has designed a series of strategies to actively engage clients in the custom antibody development process, throughout the course of the project. The key to Bioklone’s success is its scientific and innovative approach to the execution of all projects. This has been made possible by the experienced technical team at Bioklone, who pay attention to finer details and execute projects with unerring precision. The major contributing factors for the performance of Bioklone’s team are the company’s positive work ambience, backed by its state- of-the-art laboratory facilities including its well-equipped cell culture rooms and animal house. The biggest challenge in the antibody market is the suitability of a developed antibody in the end-user applications. The team at Bioklone strongly believes that the quality of an antibody largely depends on the way it is validated. Validation of an antibody has to be done in an application-specific manner. To ensure that its antibodies give the desired binding in the end-user applications, Bioklone focuses on a highly interactive approach which involves transfer of data and test samples to the clients at specific milestones of Dec19395 the project. This allows clients to validate the antibodies in their applications before closure of the project. This has been the primary reason behind Bioklone winning the confidence of its clients, for repeat orders and an increasing clientele. Bioklone’s antibodies and services have been cited in several international publications. As a company offering end-to- end services through a customer- centric approach, Bioklone is now recognised among its clients as a reliable partner that is vested in the success of its projects. Despite the struggles and challenges in antibody development and validation, the company continuously strives to adhere to its commitment and quality, even when it has to go the extra mile. Company: Bioklone Biotech Private Limited Contact: Dr. K. Rajeshwari Phone: +91-9791032938 Email: [email protected] Website: Bioklone Biotech Private Limited