Technology Awards 2021

10 GHP / Technology Awards 2021 , Dec21659 Changing themedical industry for the better, Emovi, Inc’s innovativeKneeKG®systemaims to streamline the diagnosis and treatment of knee conditions. Implementing this technologywithin hospitals, sportsmedicine, orthopaedic clinics, imaging centres, rehab centres, and sports performance centres, Emovi, Inc hopes to roll out the technologyona grander scale throughout theupcoming year. As it is an incredibly complex joint and knee pain can be caused through a variety of means, be it a pre-existing injury or a progressive condition such as osteoarthritis. Whatever the cause may be, knee pain can be debilitating, impacting people’s lives for the worse. Emovi, Inc is a company that hopes to change this. Emovi is on a mission to transform the musculoskeletal health care landscape by developing technologies and AI solutions addressing clinical challenges for patients with knee pain and pathologies. These challenges include patient engagement, pre- operative planning, digital and robotic surgery, post-operative assessment, and outcomes measurement. Emovi’s mission aims to transform the musculoskeletal health care landscape to better facilitate efficient and effective medical care pathways that promote active, healthy lifestyles for all patient populations. Working with an array of clients, including hospitals, sports medicine /orthopaedic clinics, imaging centres, rehab centres, and sports performance centres, Emovi, Inc’s KneeKG® system offers an innovative way to identify the underlying causes behind the patient’s knee pain. Furthermore, the new technology ‘is to the knee what the electrocardiogram is to the heart,’ as it clearly demonstrates how the knee is performing. The KneeKG® system is a portable, FDA-cleared medical device that assesses knee motion in 3D and provides real-time, accurate data. ‘Emovi’ is a contraction of the words emotion, movements, and vision, each standing as a core pillar of the company’s values. Of course, it is a necessity for the company to take a client- centric approach, as the very reason for its being is to serve the public. In turn, Emovi always holds the patient’s wellbeing as its primary focus, alongside its desire to remain ethical. Not only does the company treat its clients with respect, but it also aims to create a healthy working environment for its staff. Transparent communication is key between staff in order to maintain the company’s principles, and therefore, the senior management leads by example. Within the industry itself, Emovi, Inc is an innovator, paving the way for new technology to be utilized within the medical field. The current technology used to diagnose knee ailments presents numerous limitations, such as static imaging (MRI, CT, X-ray), which fails to spot issues during weight-bearing activities and during loaded conditions, like walking. Whereas the dynamic biomechanical markers presented with the KneeKG® technology complement standard imaging - it can describe knee malalignment in the three planes of movement during walking (flexion/extension, adduction- varus/abduction-valgus, and internal/external tibial rotation). Additionally, the KneeKG® exam can suggest a care algorithm for functional correction, allowing medical professionals to offer a more effective treatment plan in a shorter timeframe and supply dynamic data that can aid surgeons in their medical decision-making. However, the key challenge that Emovi faces is to change the current knee care pathways and traditional protocols. Emovi hopes to work with more and more academic institutions and opinion leaders to publish and impact guidelines. A significant and very recent breakthrough for the company was the acknowledgment by the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons in their 2021 guidelines for the management of knee osteoarthritis. As published by AAOS, used in the continuum of care, a Knee Kinesiography with the KneeKG® system provides statistically significant and clinically superior improvements. This is compared to the results obtained with the current standard of care and when integrated in patient education (Cagnin et al. 2019) 1. Along with reduced pain for patients, the Cagnin study also reported that primary care physician satisfaction is increased 2-fold when they have access to Knee Kinesiography results compared to current exam tools 1. Going into 2022, Emovi aims to roll out its KneeKG® technology on a wider scale, implementing it within the inventory of many healthcare providers. Ultimately, it hopes for the system to become a standard item found within hospitals, as it has the capability to excel and enhance current treatments. 1. Cagnin, A., Choinière, M., Bureau, N. J., Durand, M., Mezghani, N., Gaudreault, N., & Hagemeister, N. (2019). A multi-arm cluster randomized clinical trial of the use of knee kinesiography in the management of osteoarthritis patients in a primary care setting. Postgraduate Medicine, 5, 1–11. Contact: Michelle Laflamme Company: Emovi, Inc Web Address: Most Innovative Knee Pain Treatment Tech 2021: KneeKG®