Technology Awards 2021

GHP / Technology Awards 2021 9 Best Chronic Wound Care Product Manufacturer - Switzerland- die in Europe from infections with multi-resistant pathogens making this a real issue which must be tackled. To lower the use of antibiotics, and limit the harm done during the often difficult healing process, there must be another way forward. There is, and the way forward has been developed by the team at Pathelen, and they are continuing to leverage their findings to discover new ways of treating wounds. The largest challenge for medical providers has been to avoid the creation of biofilm, a product made from bacteria and fungi. Biofilm is a matrix of sugar and proteins designed by the body to protect against external threats, but it also is a haven for inflammatory reaction. As the biofilm establishes itself in the wound, the body’s immune system is unable to react. Leading the way to answer this problem is the team’s flagship product: Pathelen® Hybrid. This one-step solution is a surefire way of bringing about the efficient removal of biofilm. It can also easily and effectively adsorb wound exudate and pathogenic germs due to its physical mode of action. The team have taken a different tack when compared to the competition, and have completely dispensed with cytotoxic and pharmacological agents. These agents hinder the formation of granulation tissue and hamper the healing process occurring as easily as it might. Instead, it contains both hydrophilic and hydrophobic silica to support fast and efficient physical wound cleaning. Given the success of this methodology, it is easy to see how Pathelen® Hybrid has led the way. It has inspired the development of other products in the same vein, with Pathelen® Gel offering much needed aftercare for chronic wounds as well as for the treatment of gingivitis. The product contains PHC suspension for the treatment of cystitis with multi-resistant germs which is an invaluable resource for medical professionals. Certainly, it’s easy to see the expansion of the Pathelen brand over the coming weeks and months to match the incredible potential of the astonishing team. To maintain the highest standards, the Pathelen team have worked tirelessly to ensure that their products are registered with medical agencies around the world. Pathelen® Hybrid has been approved in the EU, Turkey, Canada, EFTA and USA is a medical device class I registered with SWISSMEDIC and US FDA. The team’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what medical science can do has been a key part of the company’s success. This approach is very much supported by various case studies wherein a variety of wound infections were treated and the patient was able to return to a life fully healed and recovered. When it comes to solving the crisis surrounding chronic wounds, the team at Pathelen are always looking ahead. Their work will have a major impact on the industry, using the ultimate in technology to deliver. We celebrate the team’s success and look forward to what they do next. Company: Pathelen Health Care AG Contact: Bijan Sabet Email: [email protected]