GHP Q3 2018

GHP / Q3 2018 21 , Presenting the Expert in Alternative Healthcare John Tsagaris is considered an expert in alternative health care. From his clinic in London, he celebrates a peerless reputation in an industry that is undergoing a paradigm shift in public opinion; Wellness is now in vogue. Earlier this year, John was named as London’s ‘Best Cosmetic Acupuncture Clinic’ in Global Health & Pharma Magazine’s 2018 Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards. On the back of this achievement, we took a look at John’s clinic to find out how he attained an almost legendary status in the alternative health care industry. Internationally renowned in traditional Chinese medicine, John has established a long history of pioneering treatments in the UK. An advocate for ‘embracing aging’ he is an expert in cosmetic acupuncture and fertility acupuncture treatments, drawing on the teachings of human bioscience and time- tested Chinese practices. John’s techniques are informed by years of academic study and accolades; he earned an honours degree in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and human bioscience from Middlesex University, before moving to study dermatology at Beijing University. Today, John has over two decades of experience in the market and has since supplemented his hands-on knowledge with internships as a TCM physician in acupuncture at Xi Yuan and Yi Yuan Hospitals in Beijing. Above all else, John strives for perfection, and to master the complicated and often-delicate art of acupuncture. Further, John is a regular expert contributor in the media, and has been showcased in Marie Claire, Stella, InStyle and Tatler magazine, speaking volumes about his esteem in the field of alternative health care. In the UK, John has become particularly renowned for his facial reflexology treatments, creating a unique facial technique that promotes skin vitality. On the back of this, John created his signature ‘Skin Poetry’ line of products - an innovative take on westernised products that utilise adaptogenic plant-based ingredients to increase hydration, reduce irritation and restore the skin’s natural health. The John Tsagaris Clinic also invites guest therapists to provide ‘five element acupuncture’, bodywork, chiropractic manipulation, nutrition advice, massage, hot stone and reflexology therapies. Through these alternatives, guests can rest assured that they are being treated by experts in their field. To John’s clients he is a compassionate practitioner, helping to relieve them of discomfort or pain. To his peers, he is an authority in the field, striving to learn more, get better, and develop his considerable talents. John Tsagaris is an expert in every meaning of the word – a guest therapist to the world’s most prestigious medical spas, and hired by private clients, royalty and celebrities alike to guide them towards a healthier, happier life. Company: The John Tsagaris Clinic Address: 24 Godfrey Street, London, SW3 3SX, United Kingdom Website: Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3489 9779 AMH18040