Biotechnology Awards 2023

21 GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 EUFOREA strives to prevent and reduce the burden of allergies and airway diseases – rhinitis, asthma, and rhinosinusitis, for example – through the implementation of optimal care through its three pillars of research, advocacy, and education. Whilst EUFOREA is based in Europe, its reach and influence are truly global. The conversation is presently focused on how EUFOREA can improve diagnosis and prevention methods, and as a result, it has numerous projects in place. In the past year alone, EUFOREA has educated over 20,000 doctors on the best respiratory care practices, with its eLearning courses providing access to a diverse range of industry insights. Additionally, EUFOREA has worked on the creation of patient education materials with the goal of giving patients with chronic respiratory disorders a reliable, user-friendly resource to help them gain control and an understanding of their condition. In order to better comprehend the unmet and often complex needs of patients, including the financial and emotional impacts, EUFOREA established a Patient Advisory Board in 2017. The board’s genesis endeavours to raise awareness amongst political figures while collaborating on creative solutions for prompt access to treatments. Furthermore, in 2021, the needs of patients with chronic type-2 inflammatory respiratory illnesses became the focus of two patient-led papers that were ultimately released by the organisation. It exudes quality in all that it does, which has earned it an exceptional reputation. From its world-class, independent, CME-accredited scientific programmes to its devotion to transparency, ethics and values are deeply ingrained in the organisation’s operations. Much of this success stems from the fact that EUFOREA is supported by a devoted team of professionals who are dedicated and passionate about raising awareness of chronic respiratory diseases not only to healthcare providers, but also to patients. They are highly-qualified, compassionate, and driven, and they have built EUFOREA into the global force that it is today. EUFOREA has brought together specialists from the entire healthcare system to create opportunities for new innovative thinking and the development of optimal care strategies. Contact: Amy Quinn Company: EUFOREA Web Address: W Feb23194 Best Allergies & Airways Research NPO 2023 – Europe EUFOREA is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2015 in order to bring together stakeholders from national and international organisations, institutions, and agencies to work together towards the same goal. Here we find out more as it wins recognition in Global Health & Pharma’s Biotechnology Awards 2023.