Biotechnology Awards 2023

22 GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 The life sciences industry is crucial for the provision of medical care, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices to the public. This is why Thailand Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) is dedicated to facilitating innovation in the industry. In collaboration with VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co. Ltd., TCELS hosts Bio Asia Pacific, an annual exhibition which serves as a platform for life science businesses to seek investment opportunities and partnerships with businesses across the Asia Pacific region. Best Biotechnology Exhibition 2023 – Asia he life sciences industry is comprised of organisations focused on the research, development, and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, medicine, medical devices, biomedical technology, nutraceuticals, and other products that improve the lives of the world’s living organisms. In Thailand, the industry is undergoing rapid growth, attracting a large number of medical tourists every year. Now, Thailand is the second largest healthcare market in Southeast Asia, leading the way in medical technology research and development. This is primarily driven by the country’s rapidly aging population and a rise in noncommunicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, and chronic lung illnesses. Established by the Thai government in 2004, Thailand Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) is a public organisation which was created to provide a central link between innovation and investment, facilitating domestic and international partnerships for companies in Thailand dedicated to life sciences. Operating under Thailand’s Ministry of Higher Education, Sciences, Research, and Innovation, the company promises business support in the life sciences industry, providing funding to various research projects. Through this, TCELS aims to create positive social and economic change by facilitating and accelerating the progress of bio research focusing on medical devices, Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, biopharmaceuticals, genomics, herbal medicines, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals. In a recent project, TCELS has collaborated with VNU Asia Pacific, a company that organises digital and physical exhibitions across a range of industries in Southeast Asia, to host an annual exhibition called Bio Asia Pacific. The event aims to serve as a platform for business collaboration for life science companies in the Asia Pacific region. Previously, Bio Asia Pacific has featured conferences for Thai and international attendees to exchange knowledge and discuss technology, innovation, and research within the life sciences industry. It has also included online business meetings to connect manufacturers, entrepreneurs, investors, and leading organisations, creating opportunities for investment in life science businesses. Additionally, the event has previously featured contests to find the best medical robots which have the potential to improve quality of life for Thai people, aiming to encourage competitiveness and innovation in the industry. This year, Bio Asia Pacific will be hosted between the 6th and 8th September 2023 at BITEC, Bangkok. This year’s event will feature an international exhibition, conferences, business forums, company presentations, facility visits, and more. It is expected that more than 7,000 participants from over 20 countries will attend, creating many opportunities for businesses to create international partnerships and relations. As a result of the outstanding event TCELS has created in collaboration with VNU Asia Pacific contributing towards the acceleration of research, discovery, and innovation in Southeast Asia’s life science industry, TCELS and VNU Asia Pacific have won Best Biotechnology Exhibition 2023, Asia, in the Biotechnology Awards 2023. We look forward to hosting Bio Asia Pacific 2023 in the coming year. Thailand Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) Contact: Premruedee Lertsakvimarn Email: [email protected] Web Address: VNU Asia Pacific Contact: Anucha Parnpichate Email: [email protected] Web Address: T Feb23416