Biotechnology Awards 2023

23 GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 In the last 40 years, over 25,000 academic papers have provided evidence that music benefits health and well-being, reducing anxiety by up to 44% and pain by up to 29%. In this, it has been shown that music reduces the need for relevant drugs by 24%. At just the click of a button, MediMusic Ltd. allows users to access these benefits at their full potential, streaming individualised playlists made to positively influence the physiological and neurological functions of the human body. Designed to reduce anxiety and pain across a wide range of healthcare issues, MediMusic is an algorithmic AI-based music neuroscience solution that dispenses music via an easy-to-use app, automatically creating playlists that mimic the human brain’s physiological response. The app does not require knowledge of the listener’s music taste, instead it utilises algorithmic processes based on sociological and psychological studies to create playlists that reduce heartrate and negative hormones. Additionally, wearable devices can be used in conjunction with MediMusic’s Digital Drip™ component to monitor heartrate variability, allowing it to assess the listener’s bio-feedback response to the music and, if it is not as expected, swap out subsequent tracks accordingly. Unlike other music streaming services, MediMusic is B2B focused, providing its services to organisations like the NHS, care homes, employee benefit programmes, as well as music therapists based both in the UK and internationally. Initially, the business was founded with the aim of helping individuals suffering with dementia, but it has since been shown that the platform has potential to help people with many other types of healthcare issues. For example, it can help people with chronic pain, dental anxiety, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Autism, and can be used to improve motor response for those participating in physical rehabilitation programmes. Furthermore, a study by Jenny Hole, Martin Hirsch, Elizabeth Ball, and Catherine Meads analysed the findings of 4,261 academic papers and concluded that it would be beneficial for music to be offered to patients as a method of reducing pain and anxiety during the post operative period. MediMusic is currently collaborating with university partners and health economics units to trial its platform in this context. Further potential uses that the company is researching include opiate tapering and back pain reduction, making the platform even more valuable to healthcare organisations. The effectiveness of MediMusic’s service has been demonstrated in a trial by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which showed that its playlists resulted in a heart rate reduction of 2325% in dementia patients and led to a significant reduction in anxiety. In care homes, anxiety in people suffering with dementia costs approximately £1,125 per year. It has previously been shown that music can improve medication efficiency by 14.2% and reduce costs by 23.8%. MediMusic is currently investigating further into the cost benefits its platform can have for care homes and other areas of social care in general. Alongside the financial benefits it offers, MediMusic aims to contribute positively towards the environment with its platform. Shockingly, the NHS has the single largest domestic carbon footprint, representing 5% of the UK’s total. Of this, 25% can be attributed to medicine, mostly painkillers and anxiety drugs. MediMusic has the potential to increase the efficiency of these drugs, thereby reducing the amount of medicine used. This would positively impact the carbon footprint of the NHS. Furthermore, the company is planning to create heart rate monitoring hardware and a music player for use in hospitals, manufactured locally in Yorkshire to minimise its carbon footprint. As a result of its success, MediMusic is now part of the NHS EDOVATION/Medicom accelerator programme, the AHSN Innovation Agency’s Health Matters programme, the Social Care and Innovation programme run by Hull University and East Riding Council, and has been adopted by leading tech incubator Abbey Road Red. These developments have resulted in a number of benefits for the company, increasing its opportunities with NHS commercialisation and care homes. Furthermore, the Universal Music Group has become a MediMusic stakeholder as a result of its adoption by Abbey Road Red. MediMusic Ltd. is an award-winning start-up that has developed a non-invasive, non-pharmacological intervention, which effectively reduces pain and anxiety and can benefit people with a range of medical issues. As a result of its innovation and its proven effectiveness, the company’s platform has won Best Use of Music & Advanced AI in Mainstream Health 2023, adding to its already impressive resume of previous awards. Moving forwards, MediMusic aims to improve its efficacy and, having recently opened an office in the US, plans to increase its international presence as well as its presence in the UK. Contact: Gary Jones Company: MediMusic Ltd Web Address: Best Use of Music & Advanced AI in Mainstream Health 2023 Feb23063