Biotechnology Awards 2023

24 GHP Biotechnology Awards 2023 Cheshire-based health data company, Gendius,isonamissiontofacilitatetheearly identification and treatment of metabolic diseases and their complications. By building the world’s most comprehensive metabolic data set, Gendius plans to disrupt the current ‘screen all’ approach to the diagnosis of mainstream metabolic conditions. We speak with the company’s Brand and Marketing Manager, Charlotte Mee, to find out more. Metabolic diseases affect the lives of millions of people across the world. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and chronic kidney disease (CVD) are all metabolic conditions of which many of us are all too aware. The time it takes to diagnose and begin treatment is key to improving patient outcomes and is essential to keeping healthcare costs manageable. Health data and insights business, Gendius, develops computer algorithms that enable early disease identification, thereby saving lives and money. The company’s values of community, making a difference, commitment, excellence, inspiration and respect allow the team to focus on its vision – to empower every person to understand and improve their health. And that includes encouraging team members to prioritise their own wellness and personal development. Gendius’ unique pre-screening algorithms predict an individual’s risk of developing complications. This has been particularly effective when screening diabetes patients. Charlotte explains, “Current recommendations are to screen all 340 million people with diabetes for CKD annually. Evidence shows that only 30% will test positive for CKD. Our algorithms have so far reduced the number of patients needing costly blood tests by over 33%. We’ll use these algorithms to increase the accessibility of screening whilst significantly reducing costs to health authorities. Identifying patients at risk of complications sooner enables earlier healthcare intervention and improved patient management.” The company is currently developing algorithms to predict the risk of hypertension and heart failure in diabetes patients too. The Gendius’ intellin® platform, where the algorithms reside, is currently used to power the AstraZeneca patient support app, Health Gate. The app provides a means for diabetes patients in the GCC region to track and manage their diabetes daily. Charlotte says, “Gendius is leading the way in developing innovative new solutions that don’t exist elsewhere in the market. Our unique approach to metabolic data, driven by our data science team, has fed through into our product development and research process. Being published in the Future Medicine journal and the European Association of Diabetes demonstrates the significance of our research. And our partnerships with major global pharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca illustrate the demand and need for our products.” Close to being able to publish the results of its pre-screening model validations, the team is looking forward to using its prescreening models with real-world patients. Recent research showed that patients with type-2 diabetes, as well as those with CVD or CKD not as a complication from diabetes, see significant improvements in outcome when prescribed sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors. These SGLT2 inhibitor drugs are now being widely prescribed to patients diagnosed with CKD and CVD. But many countries have insufficient screening capacity to make an early diagnosis. Charlotte tells us, “Our hope is that our CKD models in particular could be used to better target chronic kidney disease screening within type-2 patient populations, especially in low and middleincome countries where screening resources are more limited.” Contact: Charlotte Mee Company: Gendius Ltd Web Address: Best Metabolic Data Insight Business - North West England Jan23192