Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022

13 GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 Marijuana Aware, is an online resource providing cannabis education to patients, practitioners, and doctors. Since 2016, this resource has been committed to providing credible information to help patients ‘get their lives back’. We speak to its Founder, Marc Matoza, to find out more. Founder Marc Matoza noticed it was difficult for the average person to find accurate and up-to-date and research-based information about medical marijuana. There were limited online resources addressing a patient lifestyle medical conditions. Most were too technical or too hard to find. Medical Marijuana conferences targeted industry professionals, not the medical marijuana patient. That was when he decided to create Marijuana Aware [https://] to provide medical marijuana and wellness education targeting patients, practitioners, and doctors. MarijuanaAware is home to Medical Marijuana and Wellness Webinars. Marc’s webinars and seminars include medical cannabis experts. It is a series of online educational events [webinars, seminars, and YouTube/Facebook Channels] providing reliable information to patients in the comfort and safety of their own homes or local venue. Events and recordings are free and hosted on MarijuanaAware. com as well as its YouTube and Facebook channels, with links to additional free resources, including the presentation, research information, cannabis terpene and strain information. Marc tells us, “A lack of education about cannabis, its medical benefits, use and history has prevented thousands, if not millions of patients from obtaining a medication that is safe and effective. MarijuanaAware events focus on patient needs, but we also use our presentations to educate practitioners and doctors.” The webinars and events include information about laws and regulations in the various US States like Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, Georgia, etc. Initially, Marijuana Aware was an in-person Florida seminar tour. MarijuanaAware saw its audience broaden when Covid forced it to become online webinars. This has made it easier to keep up with the various state medical marijuana programs and growing body of cannabis research. Marc says, “The event format consists of the proven effects of cannabis on various lifestyle altering medical conditions, the medical components of cannabis [including the terpenes, cultivars and strains] as well as how they work within the body, routes of administration, and dosing methodology. Marc and the team noticed a number the of attendees have found the webinar Q&A sessions to be of the most benefit to them. With this in mind, they expanded the webinar RSVP options to allow presubmitted questions and make the webinars available online for those who are unable to view the event. The small and dedicated team at MarijuanaAware thrives on easy collaboration and being quick to respond to change. Marc explains, “Our priority is the patient. We’re committed to keeping events easy to understand so that knowledge of complex topics isn’t out of reach. I like to think that if we can help one person get their life back, the webinar was worth it.” “As an educational platform, we do strive to keep our information accurate and current. We update it as the results of new research and policies become available. Before we update our resources, new information is subject to thorough vetting.” Looking to the future, what would Marc and the team like to see happen with cannabis legislation? He says, “We hope that the accessibility of cannabis will expand and result in safe and effective products becoming affordable to the average patient. The variation in the current regulation of cannabis throughout the US results in grossly unequal treatment of individuals in possession of the same substance. In some cases, these policies have significantly disrupted the lives of patients “in need” while generating enormous profits for others. We need legal policy based on worldwide cannabis research and patient experiences, not profit or politics”. Marc Matoza has a Cannabis Healthcare and Practitioner Certificate from Florida Atlantic Universtiy and a Computer Science Degree from California Polytechnic State University. MarijuanaAware is partnered with various cannabis advocacy organizations like SunCoast NORML [] and the Medical Marijuana Clinics MMTC of Florida []. Contact: Marc Matoza Email Address: [email protected] Company: MarijuanaAware Web Address: Most Innovative Online Medical Marijuana Program - USA Dec22483