Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022

GHP Commercial Cannabis Awards 2022 the pioneering mindset that aims to make a positive impact on the whole industry. “The new features in AirMed are designed to give producers the tools they need to remain competitive in the ever-changing landscape of cannabis production and sale in Canada — and around the world,” says Hearn. “We will continue to respond directly to customer demands and industry trends to support greater performance, productivity and profitability.” Organizational excellence is an iterative process that requires constant input from everyone involved. With a clear vision to succeed despite seismic shifts in market dynamics and regulations, the team at AirMed goes above and beyond to support clients. Hearn states, “We help our customers meet compliance at every stage of the seed-to-sale process, but we are also committed to helping them cultivate quality, efficiency, precision, insight and profitability.” This commitment is why AirMed has been recognized as Cannabis Management Software Company of the Year. Contact: Name: Karla Willems Email: [email protected] Web: Company: AirMed Canada Systems Inc.