Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2021

GHP / Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2021 13 , Aug21771 IMPACT Sports CBD is the proud sports-focused brand of cannabis healthcare company, CiiTECH. IMPACT utilises the deep sector knowledge that CiiTECHholds fromyears of research and partnerships that stem its reputation. Most Trusted Cannabis Product Company – London IMPACT Sports CBD works with athletes from across the sporting industry, however the brand works extremely close with rugby players and coaches from all over the world. Founder and CEO of CiiTECH and IMPACT, Clifton Flack said, “We see rugby as a sport that endures a lot of physical output, focus on recovery and mental training on and off the court. The sport has taught us a lot about making an impact on the world around us. From staying focused on game days, to supporting sleep. Our partnerships throughout the rugby world have taught us a lot on the needs of pro-athletes and on how to build a brand trusted by athletes.” Entering the emerging medical cannabis industry in late 2015, Clifton co-founded iCAN Israel- Cannabis and CannaTech, the International Conference on Medical Cannabis Innovation & Investment. This cannabis innovation summit brought the global industry to Israel to discover and uncover the latest medical knowledge together with Agrotech and medical cannabis innovations. As an unregulated CBD industry grew, especially within the fitness space, so did the need to guide, educate and protect consumers in a confusing and sometimes daunting market. For CiiTECH, this meant setting the bar high for new industry standards by developing a portfolio of science-led brands that match deep sector knowledge with real consumer needs. This is how Provacan, the CiiTECH flagship and first of three brands was established back in 2017, bringing UK consumers cannabis healthcare brands they can trust. Clifton remains fully committed to the company as CEO as it makes its way to list on the London Stock Exchange. CiiTECH has also launched the CiiTECH Academy, a hub for online courses to address the lack of education in the UK. To bridge this gap, the first courses aimed to address healthcare professionals, which are typically the consumers’ first line of contact. The course provides extensive knowledge to thoroughly educate on CBD and cannabis. By completing the course, one will feel confident in addressing customer and patient enquiries. The academy plans to execute several more courses aimed at specific markets including retail and athletics. The demand for CBD products grew during the COVID-19 pandemic as people faced uncertainty, pushing the company to look further into the development of brands and formulas to meet their particular wants and demands. As a result, the company has grown and adapted to ever-changing environments and developed further focus on its customers who are always the top priority. During this time, CiiTECH also worked on new products which are currently in the pipeline. Ultimately, it is the unique qualities and skills of the individuals on the CiiTECH team that shape the company’s ability to explore different visions, brands, and products – Each employee comes with their own story, background, and experiences, with over eight nationalities spread across three countries, and this is what drives the company forward, to continue innovating, creatively thinking, and pushing its products to be the success that they are. Company: IMPACT Sports CBD Email: [email protected] Website: