Global Excellence Awards 2022

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 43 GHP Q4 2022 patient receives a comprehensive plan that meets his or her unique expectations for restoring and maintaining their hair. We serve all types of patients. We special in hair restoration and prevention. We also restore hair in eyebrows and beard. Every patient has unique concerns, and we approach everyone individually to make sure their needs are addressed. In the Pacific Northwest, our practice is one of the few that is a privately owned clinic.” Of course, it would be remiss to gloss over the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the medical, health, beauty and wellness landscape as a whole. To say that approaches had to be changed would be an understatement, and many businesses struggled to see alternatives when it came to adjusting their core operations. Northwest Hair Restoration bucked the trend by actually experiencing positive growth during this time. “We have had a positive impact for business from Covid-19. We had adjusted to visit with patients virtually 100% and still see 50% virtually. Due to people not being able to travel and working from home, it gave patients more opportunities to have services done and heal at home without taking extending amounts of time off of work.” All in all, the future of the company lies in continued growth and a burgeoning reputation across the western United States. Naturally though, the patient will always remain at the heart of Northwest Hair Restoration’s vision and ethos, as Ellen concludes. “Our plan is to continue to take extraordinary care of our patients and to continue to pioneer the world of hair restoration by offering cutting edge services to our patients.” Company: Northwest Hair Restoration Contact: Ellen Taggart, Process Manager Address: 1201 Pacific Ave, suite 1910 Tacoma Wa 98402 Website: Email: [email protected] Telephone:2535722949 Hair loss can hugely impact an individual’s confidence. As GHP News’ ‘Most Trusted Hair Replacement Clinic’ in Washington, Northwest Hair Restoration has built a reputation through expert hair replacement services that truly give their client’s their confidence back. We spoke with Ellen Taggart at Northwest Hair Restoration to find out more. Advancements in hair loss regeneration have moved forwards immensely over the last decade, opening up a plethora of options for those dealing with hair loss. Northwest Hair Restoration has become of the leaders in the region through a specialisation in exceeding all client expectations. For Ellen, the fundamental success for Northwest Hair Restoration lies fundamentally in restoring client confidence, and in focusing entirely on the needs of the individual at the heart of their service. “The dedicated team of professionals at Northwest Hair Restoration want to help you maintain the hair you have and restore what’s been lost. A leader in the treatment of hair loss, Dr. Robert Niedbalski is the physician patients turn to as a trusted authority in the hair restoration industry. He is committed to listening to your unique needs regarding your hair, educating you about your treatment options, and achieving your ongoing goals for thriving, naturallooking hair.” Ellen explains, introducing the expert at the heart of Northwest Hair Restorations’ success. As an independent medical practice, Northwest Hair Restoration is in the perfect position to act as a pacesetter in a market that is, in many ways, just finding its momentum. This independence also ensures that there are no restrictions on adapting to the latest changes and developments on the market, should they need to be considered. Here, Ellen takes a moment to explain Northwest Hair Restoration’s processes and ethos in more detail: “Each Giving Clients Their Confidence Back Nov22058 “Our team here at NW Hair is second to none. We consider ourselves a family. There are events throughout the year for team building with team members and other that include team and their families.”