Global Excellence Awards 2022

78 40 what causes hair loss is essential in understanding how to tackle the problem. Since 2015, Juvida Clinics has been helping clients to understand why they are losing their hair, and then striving to find the perfect solution for each case. The company ethos is simply to be ethical and have the client’s best interests at the forefront of everything it does. Initial consultations are free and the company doesn’t use pressure sales techniques. Offering a range of options, Juvida works with each client to educate and inform them of the available solutions. Carried out by expert surgeons and nurses, the cutting-edge treatments are all backed by scientific evidence. Juvida even provides free access to a mental health nurse when clients are in need of help or advice in this area. So what treatments are on offer at Juvida? In some cases a transplant is unnecessary. The team educate clients on how to prevent further hair loss and may suggest alternative treatments. But, in some cases, hair is restored without the need for surgical intervention. One client, Philip Dehany from That Stagey Blog, underwent a series of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments. This, combined with the use of Dense Hair Club’s Thicker, Fuller Hair products has led to him having a full head of hair in less than 6 months! Philip was thrilled. He had been planning to travel to Turkey and pay for a full hair transplant which would have cost much more. PRP treatment has its roots in maxillofacial surgery and sports medicine. It is now used in many areas of medicine to promote wound healing, tissue, and hair rejuvenation. At Juvida, clients undergoing PRP have a blood sample taken. Plasma harvested from the sample is then injected into the client’s scalp. Treatments are given in blocks of three months – one treatment per month. But what happens when a hair transplant is required? Juvida employs the most common hair transplant surgery technique: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Units of hair follicles – containing between 1 and 4 follicles – are transplanted from an area on the client’s scalp known as the permanent zone. This is an area where healthy follicles are plentiful. Small holes (or incisions) are then made in the area receiving the hair and the follicles are re-inserted. This technique allows the transplanted hair to continue to grow in the new location. Investing in the very latest technology, Juvida has enlisted the help of a robot named ARTAS to help with the process. Developed to make the FUE process faster and more effective, ARTAS uses algorithms to identify the most suitable follicles to harvest. This reduces treatment times and produces high-quality, longer-lasting grafts. The follicles are then inserted by a technician. Juvida® is changing the face of hair loss prevention and hair transplantation in the UK. Patients no longer need to travel abroad to access state-of-the-art technology as Juvida Clinics provides free face-to-face consultations with potential clients up and down the country. Intent on protecting the interests of every client, the company has earned itself a reputation for integrity and trust. Juvida Clinics is awarded Most Rejuvenating Hair Transplant Clinic – UK. Hair loss can have a far-reaching impact. Those affected may experience a loss of confidence and gain self-consciousness, negative self-image, and even depression. Sadly, the vast majority of hair loss happens as a direct result of genes we inherit from our parents, so some of us are fortunate to keep a full head of hair into our 60s and beyond, and others are not so fortunate with their hair. Another factor linked to premature hair loss is stress. The difficulties we encounter mentally sometimes manifest themselves physically. This is also seen in those experiencing shock. Of course, there are lots of other reasons we may lose our hair including immune disorders, vitamin deficiencies, use of steroids, low iron count, and under-active thyroid. That’s why, in many cases, the first advice a Juvida clinician offers is to speak with your GP – as understanding Nov22096 The Ethical Experts in Hair Rejuvenation