Global Excellence Awards 2022

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 GHP Q4 2022 Juvida is one of a very small number of clinics offering this service in the UK. Of course there are limits to the amount of hair that can be transplanted. And that’s one of the reasons that Juvida also offers Semi-Permanent Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). This non-surgical procedure is like an ultra-fine tattoo. Filling in areas where hair has been lost with natural hair colour can disguise the area and make it much less noticeable. SMP is also used to cover scars and other imperfections on the head. Clients receive two treatments over the course of two weeks to insert the ink into the dermal layer of the skin. After two months they return to the clinic for checks and touch-ups. The effects fade naturally, lasting for around two years. As part of its commitment to its clients, Juvida also offers interestfree monthly payment options with no hidden fees. On receiving the award, company director, Mohammed Ahmed says, “This award and others we have received are a testament to the incredible results our doctors achieve on a daily basis. Our aim is to not only restore our client’s hair but their confidence too. Our team is dedicated to making each customer journey a success. We’re with you through every step of your life-changing transformation, from consultation to aftercare.” Contact: Mohammed Ahmed Company: Juvida Clinics Ltd Web Address: