Global Excellence Awards 2022

86 49 GHP Q4 2022 stretch marks, surgical scars, enlarged pores and pigmentation conditions (dyschromia) • ProGen eclipse PRP: platelet-rich plasma systems • MicroPen EVO™ - FDA-cleared microneedling device and an ideal gateway technology to help you grow your practice • Votesse™ - Physician-formulated, hair health system that includes a proprietary oral nutraceutical and a topical foam Giving the gift of higher self-confidence, comfort in one’s own skin, and the power to treat our skin problems, Crown Aesthetics has been busy providing not only revolutionary products, but peace of mind for clients everywhere. What’s more, with a medical affairs team, Crown Aesthetics presents its customers and practitioners with a point of contact for all queries or concerns. Crown Aesthetics is aware that this is an integral part to the entire success of SkinPen Precision – as practitioners must know how to use the equipment, and answer any questions that their patients may have. Cosmopolitan, The Today show are talking about Crown Aesthetics’ revolutionary gifts to the world – and Crown Aesthetics is absolutely basking in the glory. Now, Crown Aesthetics has won Leading Innovators of Aesthetic Technology 2022 and we look forward to seeing what the whole team does next. Contact: Reena Sandhu Company: Crown Aesthetics Web: Crown Aesthetics is a supreme medical aesthetics company that is committed to helping aesthetics clinics achieve more. By providing its superior products to aesthetic practices around the world, Crown Aesthetics ensures that clinics and clients get the best treatments available on the market. Here we look at its exceptional products and dedicated work as it wins Leading Innovators of Aesthetic Technology 2022. Crown Aesthetics was launched in 2012 by Joe Proctor in Dallas, Texas. As the Head of Innovation and Corporate Development of Crown Aesthetics – formerly Bellus Medical – Joe became a leading force within the aesthetic technology sphere. Joe has altered the way we see skin treatments with his innovations such as the SkinPen microneedling device – a skin treatment that has become extremely well known in this realm. Crown Aesthetics’ products not only set industry standards for efficacy, safety, and innovation, but they change people’s lives for the better. Its solutions include the following: • SkinPen® Precision is a medical microneedling device intended to treat facial acne scars in adults aged 22 years or older. Aesthetic Purposes: SkinPen® Precision is also intended to help improve the cosmetic appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, Award Winning Skin Science Oct22625 “Our minimally invasive innovations include SkinPen® Precision, the first FDA-cleared microneedling device; the post-microneedling protocol, Skinfuse®; and the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) system, ProGen Advantage – these are ideal “gateway” products that draw new consumers to practices.”