Global Excellence Awards 2022

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 12 GHP Q4 2022 Leading Innovators of Breath Analysis Technology 2022 is a title that perfectly describes Bedfont Scientific Ltd. Innovative, advanced, and helpful, the company’s products provide a new way to monitor and manage breath analysis. Breathe Easy With Bedfont Scientific Ltd. ince 1976, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. has been manufacturing medical technology in the form of breath analysis monitors; Smokerlyzer® for smoking cessation; ToxCO® for emergency services to mass screen for CO poisoning; NObreath® to aid in the diagnosis and management of asthma; and the Gastrolyzer® aids in the detection of gastrointestinal disorders and food intolerances. Such products have been built upon the company’s mission statement – ‘Through technical innovation and professional best practice, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. creates leading-edge breath analysis medical devices. With family values at our core, we not only aim to significantly improve quality of life, but to save it.’ Indeed, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. is a hub for innovation, working with carefully selected distributors who are vital to the company’s success, and together they work to educate governments, key opinion leaders, and healthcare professionals worldwide about the company’s products and the issues they’ve been designed to aid. Moreover, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. has been in business for over four decades, and it is now on its second-generation of family ownership. Of course, this comes with several benefits, as Jason Smith, Managing Director, explains, ‘As a second-generation family company, our knowledge is passed down – it stays within the family. This, coupled with the understanding of new business methods and technologies that arise from changing worlds, gives us a competitive advantage against others.’ This has been vital to the company’s success; however, its employees – the Bedfont Family – have also been integral to the company’s growth. Therefore, when hiring new employees, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. searches for individuals who are driven to innovate and induce change, and of course, they must be willing to invest in the company just as Bedfont Scientific Ltd. invests in them. In essence, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. takes pride in nurturing talent, offering a multitude of apprenticeship schemes and advanced training programmes that help it to specialise and grow new and existing departments. ‘The level of care and detail we put into our employees’ wellbeing and personal and professional progression has helped us have a low turnover of staff and low levels absence, but also gives us dedicated teams who are well trained and equipped to meet their goals, helping us to remain productive and profitable as a company,’ adds Jason. Prioritising this area of business was especially important in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which posed as a potential threat to Bedfont Scientific Ltd.’s products, as Covid-19 spreads through the breath. Bedfont Scientific Ltd.’s breath testing procedures were allowed to continue as they are not classified as Aerosol Generating Procedures. The safety of such products – including bacterial and viral efficacy – was tested by Public Health England, with results determining the effectiveness of Bedfont Scientific Ltd.’s mouthpiece filters, ultimately finding that they filter out particles smaller than that of COVID-19, strengthening the safety of breath testing. ‘Additionally, we re-purposed our iCOquit Smokerlyzer to be used for healthcare professionals. The new iCOquit was adapted from the iCO following market feedback; it was initially designed as a personal device but due the demand from COVID-19 we brought production forward and it is now being used to help patients monitor their CO levels at home,’ Jason enthuses. Over the next few years, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. plans to continue developing its products, bolstering its growth, product ranges, and turnover. The company also vows to fulfil such developments in an eco-friendly manner. Sustainability is Bedfont Scientific Ltd.’s new focus, and it is currently reviewing all products, consumables, and packaging, but also making changes throughout production lines to reduce its climate impact. In terms of expansion, the company is setting its sights on the USA, as it has recently acquired FDA clearance for its NObreath FeNO monitor. Contact: Kristina Sedge Company: Bedfont Scientific Ltd. Web Address: S Sep22071 est. 1976