Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

23 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 The Hear Clinic is an independent audiology clinic that stands firmly at the forefront of the industry. Embodying client-centricity, innovation, and enthusiasm, The Hear Clinic is leading the way for the betterment of the industry, be it through producing new technologies or through providing premium services. Best International Independent Audiology Clinic 2022 our ears go through a lot – from the hustle and bustle of life to loud noises and the repeated use of headphones – so, its important to take care of them. For those who need extra support, an audiology practice can help to diagnose and treat a range of ear and hearing issues. Based in an idyllic Grade II listed building, The Hear Clinic Ltd is an independent audiology practice that provides exceptional hearing care to patients from right across the UK and also internationally. The clinic, which prides itself on being high-quality and professional, offers bespoke treatments and is therefore able to handle hearing loss, balance disorders, infections, ear wax impaction, and more. Furthermore, The Hear Clinic caters to clients of all ages; however, it primarily works with the senior population, as they are more likely to deal with age-related hearing loss. No matter what the issue may be, The Hear Clinic treats every single client with respect and enthusiasm – it is passionate about bettering the lives of those dealing with ear and hearing issues. In essence, The Hear Clinic is on a mission to raise the bar for hearing healthcare practitioners, and to achieve this, the clinic has invested in advanced equipment and has been at the forefront of some of the industry’s most recent technological breakthroughs. Indeed, The Hear Clinic prides itself on being a forward thinking and innovative company. It is this attitude that has led the company to pioneer and develop its very own ear wax removal devices, the iCLEARscope and the upcoming WAXscope. The soon to be launched WAXscope, for example, is a revolutionary device that combines the benefits of an ENT operating microscope with the simplicity of a portable hand-held device. Through the creation of the WAXscope technology, The Hear Clinic hopes to help healthcare professionals to offer better quality ear care to their patients. In addition to these ground-breaking tools, The Hear Clinic is the UK’s first audiology clinic that offers endoscopic ear care to its patients – which Neel Raithatha, the Founder and Consultant Audiologist, notes is one of The Hear Clinic’s greatest achievements. Simply, this elevated the level of care that could be offered to clients dealing with ear wax impaction. It also made The Hear Clinic a stand-out practice, causing clients to travel to the clinic from not only around the UK, but also the world. Henceforth, 2023 will be an even bigger year for The Hear Clinic, with an abundance of plans coming into fruition, including the launch of the WAXscope. Contact: Neel Raithatha Company: The Hear Clinic Ltd Web Address: Y Jul22154