Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

36 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Physiotherapy may often be seen as a complimentary treatment for injury and general wellbeing but imagine if a clinic served as a transformational foundation for a grander existence, to guide its clients to become a pillar for change in society and to thrive in this gift called life. This is where the team at Freedom Sports Medicine comes in. They’ve worked tirelessly to create an environment where the endless possibilities of treatment nourish and nurture all aspects of the self, not just treating the pain at hand. Freedom Sports Medicine has pushed the boundaries of physiotherapy, encompassing decades of experience and observation with modern, innovative systems to empower their clients to embrace a new lifestyle and set them on the path to achieving high standards for their health and wellbeing. As such, it has succeeded in transforming the aches, pains and challenges of over 6000 clients. The expertise shines through with the consistent results in positive changes and transformations to client health, wellbeing and life. The team at Freedom has been carefully selected and purposefully trained to best optimise the results of the intricate treatment plans set out in consultations. The services offered at Freedom include Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Massage, Pilates, Strength and Conditioning and GLA:D. Freedom’s goal is to touch each client with their movement in such a way that they become a pillar for change. It is their mission to educate, empower and enhance their clients to give them the building blocks to embrace life head on, pain free and with optimism and belief. Their holistic approach paired with an expert team has been fundamental in locating the driving force of an issue that a client will present with, and treating in full circle so that the injury or chronic pain does not continue to occur moving forward into the future. The comprehensive training program at Freedom has truly solidified their strengths as a team and is one of the best training programs in Australia. It really leans into their collective intelligence to deliver amazing results in Sports Medicine. Thanks to the time and investment into constantly expanding their knowledge on best practice, Freedom provides a tailored and personalised treatment plan for each and every one of their clients. It approaches a clients’ problem holistically, identifying the root cause of pain and supporting their clients on a journey to optimum health. Each diagnosis is accurate and precise, educating and framing a client’s mindset to really embrace the set exercise prescriptions. Additionally, it positively navigated through the pandemic with a victor’s mindset, highlighting Freedom’s adaptability and commitment to growth. The culture transformed, and the data of client outcomes increased multiple folds. Beyond this, the business moved to a larger location with an outstanding, purposeful design and has gone from strength to strength. Hours of work put into building systems, to support a positive team,culture of clarity and the best client care, has left the results glowing. It has revolutionised healthcare with its client centric approach, embracing the bigger picture and tailoring a holistic response to each individual journey. The focus and passion that Freedom Sports has gets results – and allows it to be the best version of itself. This attention to the detail and the tested processes has translated into the success and impact that won Freedom Sports its well-deserved award of Best Sports Physiotherapy Clinic 2022 - Victoria. Contact: Ross Kinsella & Sophia Rovira Company: Freedom Sports Medicine Web Address: htttp:// Best Sports Physiotherapy Clinic 2022 – Victoria Jul22351