Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

37 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 The past few years have seen CBD products explode onto the scene as an impressive immerging trend. As the industry continues to grow, alongside the global changes in legislation, it is worth taking note of not just the benefits of the products but also the players in the market. Companies such as Harmony For Health, a business leveraging over a decade of knowledge in the cannabis industry, is proving to be a major contender. n 2018, Founder and CEO of Harmony For Health, Shellene Suemori, left her third successful start-up to build her own company. Beyond her extensive medical and industry knowledge, she brought an ambitious vision of debunking misinformation and demanding a higher standard in the cannabis products industry. Her unrivalled talent, knowledge, and passion are the core foundations of the business. Based out of Denver, Colorado, Harmony For Health is now a health and wellbeing company with a wide range of Hemp-derived CBD products. From capsules to salves and tinctures, it hosts a myriad of products designed to improve vitality and cognitive support as well as general pain relief and encouragement for the body’s natural healing. Backed by a suite of independent studies, its CBD products combine Eastern medicine and natural ingredients with the accuracy and precision you would expect from any high-end pharmaceutical product. This approach guarantees its products work the same every time, and this reliability is something its customers have come to expect. Above everything, Harmony For Health is a wellness and nutraceutical company that provides the highest quality products; the health of its customers is its top priority. In addition, innovation drives everything it does, particularly creating new products. The team remains informed on the latest research whilst keeping an open dialogue with customers regarding their needs. As such, it commits extensive time and resources that formulates its products in ratios that significantly improve their potency and only sources from the most reputable suppliers. It ensures its every action is in line with what its customers and partners want, such as providing traceability and publishing the 3rd party test results regarding cannabis on its website. Staying on top of legislation and customer demand is one of many challenges but Harmony For Health has adapted especially well. However, the most significant challenge Harmony For Health faces is competing with large companies. It expertly addresses this by catering to more medical professionals for distribution and having very loyal customers. Harmony of Health’s products can be found in many pharmacies across the United States, thanks to the deals it has made to remain competitive and available. It has also worked to differentiate itself through how consumers utilise its products. It works with many non-soluble ingredients, with low bioavailability, and has improved its delivery by making them readily watersoluble. It makes the usage of its products easier with every step. Its range, and the innovations and adaptations it has put into place, inspires many repeat customers. These loyal customers are its most significant success, as there is no better indication of a popular product than repeated demand. It is always looking to grow, and in 2022 it is expanding distribution to several new states and has an exciting international expansion as well as a few new products in the works. It is all about working with good people and has found some fantastic new partners this year. The products it already provides are prime examples of precisely what CBD products should be within the nutraceutical and wellness space – carefully crafted with a laser focus on consistency, reliability, safety, and positive effect. Thus, it is no surprise that Harmony For Health is one of the leading providers in the industry and its example is the one to be followed. Contact: Shellene Suemori Company: Harmony For Health Web Address: I Jul22366 Leading Providers of Condition-Specific CBD & Nutraceutical Products – Mountain States USA Harmony For Health