Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

38 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Finding confidence in one’s own skin is something that doesn’t always come easy. However, specialists in non-invasive skin care enhancement treatments, Sonic Medical Systems aids others through their journey with their own skin. Here we look at what makes this business so special as it wins such a fantastic award in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2022. Most Outstanding Medical Aesthetic Technology Manufacturer 2022 – UK ver a decade old, Sonic Medical Systems Ltd (Sonic) is a dedicated, passionate, and highly professional medical aesthetic technology manufacturer here in the UK. It all began with the desire to transform people’s lives and, over time, it has created an avenue for us to explore new technologies that are guaranteed to improve skin health. Having created the innovative A-Lift®, Diamond Elite® and Zeolight® aesthetic treatment technologies for visibly enhanced and refined skin, Sonic has carved out a space for itself in the beauty industry. The reach that Sonic has had throughout the world has meant that it has fascinated thousands of salons, consumers, professionals, and celebrities. Not only does it manufacture and provide its products and services to salons and their consumers, but it also manufactures private label bespoke health technology for healthcare providers, medical professionals, and aesthetic beauty entrepreneurs. All of its products are hand built and quality tested entirely, before leaving its premises. Meaning only the best, and most reliable, products exit its walls and enter the salons which require its ultrahigh-standard goods. It’s not simply about looking good, it’s about feeling good. The self-love that we can gain from treating our bodies right results in a beaming self-confidence that can truly shine and give us the courage to be ourselves. Sonic has found a way to guarantee better skin as well as greater attitude towards ourselves. It has earned its followers’ trust by being reliable, intelligent, and – most importantly – empathetic. Sonic is made up of a team that all want to make a positive impact on the globe, physically and mentally. As a great example, just one of its large roster, its A-Lift® electrical technology treatment helps to smooth, clear, and give new life to the skin. This allows us to gain gorgeous skin without fillers, or going under the knife. It is reassuring to know that there are options that don’t involve risky procedures, and this is something that can be said for all of its treatments. With glowing reviews across the board – and with regards to the A-Lift® – Gemma Collins says, “After my A-Lift facial I looked five years younger! I noticed the effect straight after and it definitely reduced my fine lines. It was amazing!” All you need to do is head over to Sonic’s website to see its wide range of products that are shifting the way people look and feel – without any risks. Worldwide, Sonic is well known for its pioneering work in the industry, and it shows no sign of slowing down as it gains the prestigious title of Most Outstanding Medical Aesthetic Technology Manufacturer 2022 – UK. Contact: Ali Hussain Company: Sonic Medical Systems Ltd Web Address: O Jul22301 The reach that Sonic has had throughout the world has meant that it has fascinated thousands of salons, consumers, professionals, and celebrities.