Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

41 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 As the winner of both the above award and the ‘Biotechnology CEO of the Year’ award for 2022 in Sweden, SynAct Pharma and the reputation of Jeppe Øvlesen – its leader – has been hugely bolstered in biotechnology as an international field of research the study. SynAct Pharma, in short, focuses its efforts on the resolution of inflammation by way of bolstering a patient’s own immune response to such things, providing pro-resolution effects that don’t suppress a patient’s ability to fight disease or invasive microbes. Clinically rigorous, scientifically forward-thinking, and patient focused, SynAct Pharma’s efforts have been focused on the resolution of excessive or chronic inflammation by selectively activating the melanocortin system. This, in essence, has been designed to help the patient’s own immune system to fight back against the cause of inflammation so that balance can be achieved, and the patient can go back to living a life unencumbered by the soreness and discomfort of their symptoms. AP1189, the product in question, stimulates certain receptors to achieve pro-resolution without the traditional immunosuppression that goes hand in hand with most anti-inflammatories – for example, those that inhibit key immunity signalling molecules. Such inhibitors can result in serious side effects, as well as opportunistic infections that can destroy a patient’s recovery. Currently working hard to evaluate AP1189 in two different Phase 2 trials focusing on rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and in idiopathic membranous nephropathy – specifically iMN, a nephrotic syndrome – both are expected to bear fruit in time for the second half of 2023. Indeed, being well financed and recently up listed in the Nasdaq main market, SynAct Pharma’s AB business model has driven proof of concept to new heights of clinical development in order to secure proof of concept, resulting in further trust being afforded to it by its market and increased influence in the international medical ecosystem. With a concurrent dedication to supporting clinical development and supporting clinical evidence, SynAct Pharma’s business model has always been to encourage and bolster projects that will lead to the betterment of anti-inflammatories that don’t suppress immune response. Indeed, the current push towards further phase 2 trials will give it a better idea of what more work its AP1189 product currently needs to propel it and its research subject of choice to greater relevance in the international medical field, promising that the results from these will be shared as soon as SynAct Pharma is able to. Company: SynAct Pharma Contact: Jeppe Øvlesen Website: Best Clinical Biotechnology Company 2022 - Sweden Aug22377