Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

42 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 A specialist marketing agency needs to think outside of the box if it is so succeed. By being so imaginative, kdm communications Ltd has developed a thirst for helping people with creative solutions. Here we take a closer look at how it works as it wins this esteemed award. With decades of experience behind it, kdm communications can change the way any business reaches the world. Through its team of seasoned experts – of scientists and experienced marketers – kdm communications guarantees an intelligent fusion of PhD-level scientific knowledge and impeccable marketing experience. Its inbound and outbound advertising pushes the boundaries of marketing services and is completely bespoke to each client. It does this by breaking marketing down into more digestible chunks. For example, it works through scientific press relations, social media, SEO, integrated marketing, scientific video production, media panning, and much more. Its creative designs and content ensures a bright, attractive future for its clients as they wish to grow and appeal to a wider audience. Standing out from the crowd is no problem for kdm communications – in fact, it loves to differentiate itself from the rest with its revolutionary, passionate, and heartfelt marketing solutions. 100% committed to personal growth, for staff and clients, kdm communications’ success is a direct result of hard work and a shared vision. After all, teamwork makes the dream work. In the same vein, the team very much agrees on the mission and their values. Not only does the team support clients, but the team members act as a buttress for each other. Its artistic and scientific team responds quickly and efficiently to each creative brief. Whether it’s a new project or a chance to breathe life into something that has existed for a long time, kdm communications has a tip, trick, or tactic for every clients’ needs. Engaging with every target audience in the most collaborative and intellectual way, kdm communications offers a reliable, fresh, and irreplaceable service that will inevitably alter the way they experience business. Transforming clients’ business endeavours from wishes or dreams into a living reality, kdm communications encourages progress and advancement in the best possible way. By meeting with clients on a down-to-earth, personal level, kdm communications shows its true colours every time – it is personable, client and team focused, and extremely clever. It is successful in all of its endeavours and works tirelessly to help you achieve your dreams too. Multi-award-winning kdm communications has become one to watch in its industry and, since its inception, it has been an expert full-service marketing agency that provides the cream of the crop to its clients. We have awarded kdm communications with a title again this year, after it won Best Life Science & Medical B2B Marketing Agency – UK in 2021. It is with great pleasure that we announce its gain of Best Scientific Marketing Agency – UK in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2022. We wish it all the best as it continues to expand and positively impact the lives of others. Contact: Jake Stevens-Hoare Company: kdm communications Ltd Web Address: Best Scientific Marketing Agency – UK Jul22211