Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

44 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Panacea Pharma Projects Ltd (Panacea) is a consultancy business providing support services to the pharmaceutical industry. Panacea’s clients are companies who own or are marketing pharmaceutical products. Their most commonly requested services are Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance. Panacea are based on the Isle of Man and their first contract win came in 2009 (a client who is still with the company today!). They have since hit a number of growth milestones, which have required them to either move office or expand their office space a number of times. By the end of 2010, Panacea was looking after pharmaceutical licenses in every EU country. In 2011, they set up their UK office, followed by the set-up of their Irish office in 2018, and the establishment of their Netherlands subsidiary in 2021. Panacea’s vision is to be the first and natural choice for clients seeking support services in the pharmaceutical industry. They aim to be a company whose reputation for excellence and integrity is unrivalled; a company that clients want to work with, and whom the best people in the industry want to work for; and a company which is respected by the regulators and peers. Panacea prides itself on establishing and maintaining strong relationships with all stakeholders, especially their clients. This focus on the customer experience sets them apart from their competitors, and results in them offering a truly bespoke service to each client. The company set themselves a high bar for quality with the aim of always getting things right first time. This gives their customers peace of mind, meaning that they can concentrate on running their business. To ensure such excellent service, Panacea employs outstandingly good people. Despite being a relatively small company, they have always had a policy of recruiting the best people, with impressive, relevant experience. Furthermore, they invest significantly in the personal development of their staff, with most of this being in the form of attending training courses, industry conferences, and symposia. The team, especially the senior staff members, are very well-connected, and, given the company’s passion for great relationships, they are well-liked throughout the industry, which results in their connections being meaningful and proactive. These various channels ensure that Panacea remains ahead of the curve within the industry. Recently, the Panacea team completed a successful project to upgrade the company’s industry-leading pharmacovigilance safety database (Oracle Argus Safety). The upgrade includes many new features to increase efficiency as well as ensuring continued compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. Additionally, Panacea are further improving their IT infrastructure and have recently invested in an electronic Quality Management Solution which they are currently in the process of implementing. Company: Panacea Pharma Projects Ltd Contact: Emma Jones Email: [email protected] Website: Best Pharmaceutical Support Services Provider 2022 Aug22361